Monday, 31 December 2012

Making butterfly cupcakes

 Today I made some butterfly cupcakes from Mary Berry's cookbook. They turned out well, even if they didn't look perfect...
Here's how I made them:
For the cupcakes:
100g of baking margarine- if you have some of that squeezy Flora stuff that will work too.
100g of caster sugar
2 eggs
100g of self raising flour (I think it's called something different in America- I'm not sure of the name)
1tsp of baking powder (")
For the icing:
350g of icing sugar
175g of margarine

Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees c. Put all of the ingredients into a bowl and beat with a handheld electric whisk. After about 2 minutes the mixture should be nearly white- this shows it has lots of air in it. Spoon the mixture into 12 baking paper cases and put in the oven for 15 (ish) minutes. Once they come out cut a hole in the middle, slice the mixture that comes out in half. Fill the hole with butter icing and place the wing shapes on. Repeat for all of the cakes.

Holidays and doing nothing

I love the holidays- not because of all the stuff you can do when not at school but more wallowing in the pleasure of not having to be at school. I am a homely person, I love staying in my room, drawing and listening to music. I don't mind going for walks or anything like that but having to do 'activities' as such just makes me think: "why?".
I would rather stay home and bake than go to a class teaching you how to make soufflé, you might as well be at school. To be honest the only type of going out I enjoy are : going to the cinema, going to the theatre, and shopping.
I like school generally, but I would rather be at home doing something arty. I mean, what's the point of learning how to rename folders in IT when I understand basic HTML coding? Or why should I learn to make a stir fry in an hour in food tech when you can do it in 15 mins at home. Sorry about ranting about school, I should just be enjoying the time I have off. I just don't understand why some elements of school are considered more important than others...

Bye guys,
Flo Jo xxxxx

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Hiya guys!
Merry Christmas! I can't believe it's this time of year already. 2012 has been such a full year, what with the Olympics and the jubilee (not that the second is a particularly big deal to me!!!!). I absolutely love Christmas- it's my favourite holiday of the the year. It's better than birthdays because everyone is exited rather than just you and you get time off school. Yep, most of my celebrations are about not being at school. You get to see all your family at Christmas which is good fun, and of course presents are always a good thing! I am a non religion so the religious aspect is nothing to do with it for me- its just a good excuse to celebrate! Christmas tv is amazing of course; I <3 Miranda, Outnumbered and Doctor Who!
 My Christmas routine is:
Wake up- this could be any time between 3:30 am and 6am. I can't help it, I get so exited!
Open stoking- I can do this without waking up mum, this buys her an extra 30 minutes or so of sleep!
Wake up mum- best done whilst offering a cup of tea.
Go downstairs- make yet more tea, including one for oneself. Stay awake by eating chocolate from stocking.
Open sack of presents- a Christmas tradition of ours is that mum doesn't give us big presents. Instead we get a big sack full of little presents. It's better that way.
Phone people- say merry Christmas, what did you get? Etc. etc., lovely thought but not the most fun in the world.
Open other presents- this takes my brother and sister 10 minutes max. And it takes me and mum about 2 hours. We believe in enjoying and savouring opening presents!
Enjoy presents- sort of the most fun part of the day, you have the fun of eating too much chocolate and reading.
People start to arrive- craziness, but loads of fun. My crazy family say happy Christmas and we all get very overexcited together!
Christmas dinner- BAM! Goes my vegetarianism, fake Xmas dinners are yuck!
TV- this can last a very long time, however if anyone has got a gadget people won't be talking and will be internetting.
Then there is no plan for the evening, at all.

Here's what I got for Christmas, present-wise this has been a very good year, I am soo lucky!
iPad- to share with Mabel and Arthur, that is actually what I am writing this blog post on. How cool is that?!? It's the 4th gen with retainer display.
Kindle- I love my kindle, it means I can read and be on a gadget simultaneously, my idea of heaven. Also, the books are super cheap, I got one for 75p!
Radio- I have needed one for ages ever since my CD player broke, it has dab and an iPod connection!
Books- lots of different types. Now I can read forever, mwahahaaha!
Clothes- well, duh. I am a girl!
Other bits and bobs: pens, vouchers, speaker etc, etc.

What have you got for Christmas this year? Anything truly amazing? If so, I'd love to here about it! Please tell me in the comments!
Flo Jo xx

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My favourite blogs

Hi folks!
Today will just be a short post to share a list of my fave blogs, these are not in any particular order- I love them all equally! :

  • The First Lime - this girl is just so unbelievably cool. Maybe I am a bit jealous of her drawing skills...
  •  Crafty Girl* - just a lovely, simple personal blog of a 14 year old girl. 
  • Spaceship to infinity - another incredible artist, personal blog
  • Know and Tell crafts - this one is a bit unusual in that it's written by a boy. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just I haven't found any other blogs written by boys in this category.
  • Picking Daisies - I love this website design on this blog. Lovely just for a quick read.
  • Donut pastry - possibly one of the best names for a blog ever, I only discovered this one recently
Thanks for reading xx
P.S I'm singing in a MASSIVE cathedral tomorrow with my school! Argghh! As I'm in the choir I am doing lots of extra bits including... Singing in a group of only ten, but I guess it will be an amazing experience. Wish me luck... xx

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Review: DNA, deluxe edition - Little Mix

As I may or may not have mentioned before I am a mixer- a lover of the girl group little mix. Therefore, when I found out they were releasing their debut album I just had to have it! It had their two pre- released tracks on- wings + DNA.

Here's a little information on Little Mix before I start this review. The band members are: Jade, Perrie, Jesy and Leigh- Anne- they all auditioned as solo acts on the English talent show: The Xfactor. They got through the audition stage and made it through to boot camp, then there was quite a bit of  fussing about putting them into different groups; no one really understand it! Eventually, after a lot of heartache, they were put into a group called 'Rythemix' and were through to the judged houses where their mentor was Tulisa (yes, the N-Dubz one).
They did very well and got through to the live shows. But then, they had to change their band name! It turns out Rhythemix was already the name of a registered charity providing disabled children with access to musical instruments. As the band didn't want to make publicity difficult for the charity they changed their name to little mix. In week one of the live shows they were favourites to go, girl bands never did well on the Xfactor. They only just scraped by in the live shows until Halloween week, when they sung Katy Perry's E.T:
This earned them popularity among the audience and they just kept getting better and better. However, for me they weren't great until Movie Soundtrack week, where they sang don't let go:
It was truly amazing. But, still I wanted Marcus Collins- another contestant to win. But, he didn't and Little Mix did- making them the first band to win the Xfacor; making them better than 1d! Their first single- Cannonball didn't do very well, it was truly awful! But when they released wings it all got better, then DNA came out and voila! PERFECTION!

Here's my review of it- track by track.
1) Wings: Really upbeat and very catchy, a teensy bit too pop for my taste. I do like their voices in harmony, though. 7.5/10
2) DNA: This is one of my favourite songs on the album. It's a lot more serious but still 'Little Mix' ish. Jade's and Perrie's voices sound especially good in this, Oh and Leigh- Anne's rap is really good. 9/10
3) Change your life: Good, for a ballad. I am not a massive fan of inspirational goo, but it isn't too bad. And I suppose every band needs a power song.
4) Always be together: I want to say something positive about this song but it's pretty awful. Repetitive lyrics- trying to be meaningful but just boring. 4/10
5) Stereo soldier: I really like this song- it has an upbeat tempo and sounds quite R&B which I absolutely love. When I first heard it I didn't really like it but it grew on me. 8/10
6) Pretend it's OK: I'm undecided on this one... On the one hand it's grossly cheesy but on the other it's sound is lovely, not a standout song. But nice. 7/10

7) Turn your face: Slow and dull. It really doesn't fit in with the rest of the album. The lyrics make so sense at all! Why say 'turn your face'? Why not just 'turn around'? A typical break up song- Luckily it's the only absolutely abysmal song on the album. 3/10
8) We are who we are: This song has a really upbeat vibe- typical lyrics but I don't really care. I think this song should've been released as a single in it's own right 8.75/10
9) How ya doin': This is a really fun song, sound effects are played around with but the girl's beautiful voices still soar. Gets a bit repetitive, though! 8/10
10) Red planet feat. T-Boz: Has a really different sound from the rest of the album, in a good way! I love the deep sound of it! Maybe not for the people who preferred 'wings' over 'DNA'. 8/10
11) Going nowhere: Very girls aloud ish. No surprise, considering Nicola Roberts co- wrote it! I really dislike this song. I don't hate it, no it could be much, much worse, It's not particularly individual.  7/10
12) Madhouse: My favourite song on the entire album! So great, the chorus is amazing! I think this should be released as a single, it's probably even better than DNA. 10/10
13) Love Drunk: I think this should be on the actual album rather than the extended edition. It's beat is amazing. Pure brilliance. 9/10
14) Make you believe: I don't know what to say about this one. Mediocre. 7/10
15) Case closed: Like a laid back version of DNA, really beautiful. I love it, needed to be publicised more, it  would've been very  popular! 8/10
16) DNA (unplugged): Basically a Capella  version of DNA. Really lovely. Shows off the girls voices really well! 9/10.

Overall I would give this album a 8/10. Some amazing songs, some rubbish ones and some that just aren't memorable. For a debut album I'd say Little Mix have done very well. I would recommend buying this album because it has many good songs and little mix are a lovely band!
Flo Jo xx                              

Sunday, 4 November 2012


Here is a picture of a whale -I have a thing for cartoon whales.  Don't ask me why, they're just cool.  I hope you like it:

It's perfectly random- like me !!!!!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Halloween Costume Ideas

 Halloween is a great holiday- it's the one day a year where dressing up, knocking on stranger's doors and stuffing your face with sweets is considered totally normal! As I live in England Halloween isn't actually that much of a big deal- of course shops start selling tacky masks and pumpkins, but it's nothing compared to the preparations made in America. I wish us Brits celebrated Halloween a bit more, after all it is a pilgrim festival and England had pilgrims, above all it is just another excuse to have fun. One of my favourite aspects of Halloween is deciding what to go as. Your costume has the potential to be amazing- if you put in some effort!

Coming up with ideas for costumes can be very hard, so here I've combined some cool ideas along with brief descriptions of how to achieve it's 'look'.

  • Goth Fairy.  
          This costume is so easy to organise. You could probably make it with just the clothes in your wardrobe, get a long sleeved stripy top- doesn't matter what colour. On top of that place either a black or florescent vest, add a short skirt or tutu, some stripy tights and some black boots. Voila! That's the outfit completed. Next, powder your face white and outline your eyes in thick, black eye-liner  Add black or red lipstick and you're done.

  • Bumblebee.
         This one doesn't really need much explanation. If you really need to know- anything black and yellow, doodlyboppers are a nice touch.

  • Witch.
       Not very original, I know. But, it is still a good costume idea and there are many possible variations achievable. For the original 'witch' look: a black and purple/ black and white wig, an enormous pointy hat and a black dress of some description or other. If you have high boots in a dark colour they would look great with this outfit. Carrying a stuffed toy cat with you adds a bit of humour to your costume and makes it much more interesting.
  • Zombie schoolgirl 
         If you have any old school uniform left this is a fun way to ruin make use of it... Get into the (hopefully) old school uniform like you usually would, rip the tights and pour fake blood down yourself. This is best performed outside obviously. Pull your hair into two high pigtails and back-comb or crimp them, replace school shoes with big, clumpy boots of some description and use green powder eyeshadow as blusher. Spooky!

I'm afraid I don't have any more ideas at the mo. I will post them here if I do

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Inside My Wardrobe

Today I am going to give you a tiny peek at the inside of my wardrobe. These are not all of the clothes I own, just a tiny fraction. Hopefully you will find this at least a tiny bit interesting!!! When I was photographing my clothes I realised just how many of them are from Primark! I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing though... If I bought them from expensive brands I would probably own three tops and one pair of trousers! Sorry about the rubbish quality of the pictures- they were taken on my iPod.

 So, here we go!

Hats (of which I have a ridiculous amount!)

Some of my T- shirts
Chinos! (I <3 them!)

My skirt (from fatface!)
Denim Jacket and Cardi (from New Look +
River Island!)

Mustache Top! (New Look)

Flo Jo xxx

Saturday, 20 October 2012


I <3 Pusheen, as much as I wish I came up with this, I didn't so all credit to here:


If I had £1000000...

This is a question I think about a lot, it's not like I'm obsessed with money or particularly care about it. Mainly it's just the whole idea of have a million quid to spend- if you had that amount of money going spare I guess you'd hope that you would do something good and worthwhile with it. I certainly would. When you think about it realistically £1000000 isn't that much, the only thing that makes it so amazing is that barely anyone could save that amount of money. After much deliberation, this is my list:
  • Buy a house- so what if I'm only 12? I would only be future proofing.
  • Buy a little shop in Paris- selling dresses, stationary and home ware! (My dream!)
  • Buy lots of gadgets- Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad, Kindle.
  • Put aside £10000 in case I need it 
  • Donate everything else to animal charities.
When I look back at that list it isn't very long but I cant think of anything else to put on there- perhaps a couple of thousand for a shopping trip in London but not anything else.

Sorry for the short post today, I'm a bit pressed for time.
Flo Jo xx

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Buddy's Diner


Today's blog post is a sorta review of Buddy's Diner. Except it's not really a review since the only things I have to say about it are positive.
 First, an overview: Buddy's is an American 60s Style diner. The restaurant is located in Winchester, Hampshire, UK- if you live around there check it out!

I ordered a Oreo and cream milkshake and my Dad got an Americano coffee. I can honestly say that that milkshake was one of the best things I have ever tasted. Ever. Here is my artistic impression of it:

Pretty good, considering I drew it on my Bamboo Pen and Touch Tablet that I'm still getting used to!!! Just looking at it is making me hungry...
 The price was quite high- about £3 but considering the cost of Oreos fairly reasonable. The interior of the restaurant is amazing- exactly like an original American diner. Everything from the red and white leather seats to the neon signs are perfect!!

I really hope you check it out, if you can!!
Flo xx

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Oreo recipes!!

I'm always craving oreos and they never last more than 10 seconds in my hands, but if you're feeling creative there are tons of great recipes out there! Here's a list of the best ones that I've stockpiled:
(I haven't tried any of these so sorry is they don't work! They've only been chosen because they look so delicious!)

Sorry, I don't have time to find any more today! If I find an amazing one I'll post them!
Flo Jo xxxx ☺☻☼

Sunday, 23 September 2012

My poor poppet

Just a post to tell you that spiller, my 1 year old cat has gone missing. We haven't seen him since Thursday night- he never normally stays out for very long!! I hope I find him soon- my little sister and I were kitted out in our wellie boots and waterproof coats, ready to knock on people's doors. It's horrible! I've never lost a pet before, I hoped I'd never have to!!!
Well thanks to listening to me fret, I'm sure he'll be fine!
Love Flo x

Another year older

On the 20th of September it was my birthday (as I may or may not have already mentioned). My wonderful family and friends have given me such a great birthday! I can't believe how much they've done for my birthday, from my prezzies to the cake- everything was absolutely perfect. Thanks guys!!
I even got the bamboo tablet I wanted (yay)!!!

Just an update on my life!!
Flora <3

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Fresh Retro Gallery

Today I'm going to introduce you a great shop: FreshRetroGallery. Or more specifically the section of the shop that sells fabulous, customisable family trees. I was contacted by the shop owner, Elizabeth Knaus to do a feature on my blog about her wonderful products, just one glance showed me that her shop was great.

Now, onto the products:
Fresh retro sells family tree templates, perfect for anyone tracing their family history and wanting it to look beautiful. Just take a look at their sales, that pretty well sums up just how popular the shop is. The unique, fresh layout is of a much higher standered than those of cheaper
,tackier shops. If you are going to spend such a long time tracing your family history you'll want it to look good!

Hopefully this post will make you want to check out this epic shop! Maybe it will even inspire you to check out your own family history!
See you
Flo Jo xx

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Summer Holidays!

I love the summer holidays! Six whole weeks without having to worry about school or homework- that's my idea of heaven. So really I should be screaming with joy that it's the hols but the truth is I'm just too sad to. Now that I'm leaving primary school to move on to secondary I've got to leave all my friends who are going to a different school behind. It just seems like such a weird prospect- I've been with most of these guys for seven whole years! We're like family. I know I'll hopefully get lots of new friends at my secondary school but it will never be the same.

When I move onto secondary school I'll be one of the babies again- the silly little year sevens, the only year that stick to all the uniform rules and do exactly as asked. I won't rule the school again for five years until I go into year eleven.

Despite all of this I really am happy to be moving on, I feel ready to! Why feel sad? I ask myself, secondary is where the real fun begins!

Flo Jo xxxxx

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Forever Yours

Song by Alex Day (nerimon), Music Video by Charlie McDonnell (charlieissocoollike).
I don't own any of this- not meaning to infringe any copyright!

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Vegetarian (me) = FAIL!

I'm really sorry about not posting for about a month (gosh, that awful isn't it?!) I just have had TONs going on recently. For example my transition to secondary school (BTW- guys, what do you think of this for a school bag?) and when I have had a chance to go on the computer I have been on Pinterest, Etsy and nerdy Hunger Games fan sites. 

Anyways... Back to the post: 
I don't think I've mentioned this before but I am a vegetarian, well technically I'm a peskitarian which basically means I eat white meat (chicken and fish) that's just because being vegi is waaaay to hard and I have very low will power. However even becoming a peski (that sounds hillarious!) is hard for me, although now bacon isn't as appealing to me anymore- too salty!- I <3 beefburgers. At least when I do eat meat it's happy meat (free range). Still I feel very guilty :(. Are you a vegi/ vegan/ peski? Leave a comment and tell me about your struggles ¯\(°_o)/¯. 

Just one more thing... I made the decision to delete my other blogs! Dun, Dun, Duh!!!!!!!! 

Love you guys who take the time to read my blog!
Flo Jo xox

Friday, 8 June 2012

How to make a flower hairband:

Flower hairbands are a great accessory that go with virtually any outfit. They are very in fashion at the mo so you see a lot of them about. However, if you follow these simple instructions you will end up with an individual headband that costs next to nothing.

You will need:
  • 3x fabric scraps
  • A button
  • UHU glue or another strong glue
  • Sewing thread
  • Thin needle
  • Plain hairband
  1. Cut out three circles in these sizes out of your fabric: 4cm, 5cm and 7cm

     2. Sew the medium onto the big circle, then the small onto the medium.

    3. Sew a button onto the small circle

    4. Glue onto hairband, wait for it to dry and...


    Love Flo xox

    Thursday, 17 May 2012


    Hi, I haven't disappeared of the face of the earth (or at the very least blogger!) Recently I've had my SATs- they are compulsory tests for all year 6s in the UK. Therefore I have been busy either revising or doing my tests. I've had to do:
    • A calculator Maths test
    • A non calculator maths test
    • Mental Maths test
    • Long writing test
    • Short writing test
    • Reading test
    • Spelling test
    And if those aren't enough I'm also doing my level 6 long writing, short writing, spelling and reading tests because apparently I'm good at literacy?! I've done all the tests now apart from my level 6 ones 'cause those are next week. Have you done any tests recently? Another q.: do any of you smart people out there know a good website/ tecnique for making Etsy shop banners? Please leave ideas in the comments!

    Flo Jo xox <3

    Tuesday, 24 April 2012

    New room

    I live in a house with my Mum, seven year old Brother and three year old Sister. Because our house only has three bedrooms and there is four of us my Brother and Sister share. You may think by that I got the best end of the deal, not neccesarily. My old room was TINY- it was a box room!

    Anyway, that was up until about a week ago. Now the room that used to be the lounge is my bedroom, my little sister gets my old room and Mum and my Brother have kept the same room. I know it may now sound like we don't have a lounge- but we do! We have now moved it to our extention, its been there since we got the house so I have no clue why we still call it  'the extention'!

    And I really wan't to decorate my new bedroom- I wan't to be an interior designer and own a botique in paris, you see.
    So my idea is to paint the walls this colour                                                                                   

    and my main furniture (wardrobe & bookshelf) this colour


             and my desk this colour   

    What do you think? I know this post is random but I just wanted to share with you what I've been up to!
    Flo Jo

    Saturday, 7 April 2012

    The hunger games

    I've recently been on holiday to Southwold, Suffolk (I'll post about that another day). Whilst I was there I read... LOTS, in fact I read so much I finished all six of the books I brought with me- so when we went to Aldeborough I went to this sweet little bookshop ( Here's their website: And I bought the first book in the hunger games trilogy, my friends Millie and Emma recommended it, when I got back to the holiday cottage I sat in the conservatory and read the entire book in a day. I was drawn into the world of the hunger games. Therefore I persuaded Mum to buy me the next book- Catching fire. It was just as brilliant as the first, if not better. Now that I'm back from holiday I'm itching to read the first book and possibly see the film. The only doubt I have about seeing the film is that the characters won't be the ones I imagined whilst I was reading the book. Here are some Hunger Games related stuff:

    I love it but why did they add Catching Fire  Mockingjay characters if it says The Hunger Games?

    The Hunger Games

    Pinned Image

    Sunday, 25 March 2012

    Spread the word!

    I know this is quite soon after my last post but I needed to say something:
    I work really hard on my blog and I want people to read it so please tell all your friends about it. Just email a link to my blog to a lot of your friends and my blog's popularity will rocket. Thank you-keep reading!

    Flo Jo

    P.S If you read my blog lots please follow me!

    Saturday, 24 March 2012

    Review: Lush- Sweet Lips (lip scrub)

    Hi, today I'm trying something a little different, this post is going to be a review! I just thought that it may be fun for me to write and you to read- hopefully you find it useful!

    Lush is a brilliant, lovely, amazing cosmetics company that use all organic and vegetarian ingredients, their stuff smells lovely too! They have a product called a lip scrub which contain sugar, essential oils and flavouring. 'Why flavouring?' I hear you ask- well this is the cool bit: you rub the scrub onto your lips to remove dead skin and then you lick it off! So... now for the review~

    Mint Julips Lip Scrub

    Name: Sweet lips~ sugar scrub
    Price: £4.95
    Ingredients: Castor sugar, Organic Jojoba Oil (simmondsia chinensis), Vanilla Extract, Cocoa absolute,Tagetes Oil, Flavour
    Review: This product is a very original idea, which as far as I know only lush supply. The taste is very nice but you can get carried away if your hungry and just stuff the whole lot (but i'm probably the only one who has this problem)! The only real downside is that it doesn't last very long- if you have very dry lips it would probably last two months at most, this is a bit of a disappointment considering the price. Overall a good product- I recommend it!

    I hope you enjoy!

    Monkey and kitty!

    Thursday, 8 March 2012

    Manga Stuff

    Sorry for not having posted in a while, ive been busy.
    I love manga- I found these cool pictures on pinterest!I love the cat one, Mum borrowed me a book from the library (shes a librarian; so is my Dad) today called: Manga for the begginer- Shoujo (by Christopher Hart). Please tell all of your friends about my blog, I really want to increase its popularity.

    Flo Jo xox<3

    Wednesday, 29 February 2012

    My manga

    I thought I would share with you some of my manga artwork, I hope you like it! I've drawn it for one of my bffs Ceci- she's very cool, if your on MSP add her- her names cecilavo. Well, comment on what you think of my 'artwork'!

    Cya~ Flo Jo xox

    Thursday, 23 February 2012

    Cute shih tzu puppy(s)

    OK so I was looking around on pinterest and found the most adorablist dog EVER:
    Pinned Image
    "I'm hungry!!"
    I think this is an actual dog...
    YES IT IS AN ACTUAL DOG, I HAVE TO GET ONE!!!!!!! awwwwwwwwwwwwww..... I want to hug one. I think its a shih tzu but I thought they looked like this:
    Oh well. I WANT ONE!!!!

    Sorry for being so crazy its just they are soooo adorable
    Flo Jo xx

    Saturday, 11 February 2012


    There is this website called Etsy, which I am a MASSIVE fan of, it is like Ebay but for artists and other crafty people. Basically it sells homemade stuff. Heres the link: Etsy. Anyway I think I might have found the BEST etsy product ever! And here it is:

    Just click on the pic to display it in Etsy ^

    Another thing- I went on a printing companies website and ordered a notebook with the pretty little things logo on the front so I can write down ideas for future posts!

    See You through the screen
    Flo Jo

    Friday, 10 February 2012

    New design

    Well, I was bored and I decided to update the blogs design. I edited the header on picnik- an awesome photo editing site! I hope you like it:
    I do like the idea of a bird.Love Flo Jo xoxo