Saturday, 7 April 2012

The hunger games

I've recently been on holiday to Southwold, Suffolk (I'll post about that another day). Whilst I was there I read... LOTS, in fact I read so much I finished all six of the books I brought with me- so when we went to Aldeborough I went to this sweet little bookshop ( Here's their website: And I bought the first book in the hunger games trilogy, my friends Millie and Emma recommended it, when I got back to the holiday cottage I sat in the conservatory and read the entire book in a day. I was drawn into the world of the hunger games. Therefore I persuaded Mum to buy me the next book- Catching fire. It was just as brilliant as the first, if not better. Now that I'm back from holiday I'm itching to read the first book and possibly see the film. The only doubt I have about seeing the film is that the characters won't be the ones I imagined whilst I was reading the book. Here are some Hunger Games related stuff:

I love it but why did they add Catching Fire  Mockingjay characters if it says The Hunger Games?

The Hunger Games

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