Thursday, 17 May 2012


Hi, I haven't disappeared of the face of the earth (or at the very least blogger!) Recently I've had my SATs- they are compulsory tests for all year 6s in the UK. Therefore I have been busy either revising or doing my tests. I've had to do:
  • A calculator Maths test
  • A non calculator maths test
  • Mental Maths test
  • Long writing test
  • Short writing test
  • Reading test
  • Spelling test
And if those aren't enough I'm also doing my level 6 long writing, short writing, spelling and reading tests because apparently I'm good at literacy?! I've done all the tests now apart from my level 6 ones 'cause those are next week. Have you done any tests recently? Another q.: do any of you smart people out there know a good website/ tecnique for making Etsy shop banners? Please leave ideas in the comments!

Flo Jo xox <3


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