Saturday, 29 September 2012

Oreo recipes!!

I'm always craving oreos and they never last more than 10 seconds in my hands, but if you're feeling creative there are tons of great recipes out there! Here's a list of the best ones that I've stockpiled:
(I haven't tried any of these so sorry is they don't work! They've only been chosen because they look so delicious!)

Sorry, I don't have time to find any more today! If I find an amazing one I'll post them!
Flo Jo xxxx ☺☻☼

Sunday, 23 September 2012

My poor poppet

Just a post to tell you that spiller, my 1 year old cat has gone missing. We haven't seen him since Thursday night- he never normally stays out for very long!! I hope I find him soon- my little sister and I were kitted out in our wellie boots and waterproof coats, ready to knock on people's doors. It's horrible! I've never lost a pet before, I hoped I'd never have to!!!
Well thanks to listening to me fret, I'm sure he'll be fine!
Love Flo x

Another year older

On the 20th of September it was my birthday (as I may or may not have already mentioned). My wonderful family and friends have given me such a great birthday! I can't believe how much they've done for my birthday, from my prezzies to the cake- everything was absolutely perfect. Thanks guys!!
I even got the bamboo tablet I wanted (yay)!!!

Just an update on my life!!
Flora <3

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Fresh Retro Gallery

Today I'm going to introduce you a great shop: FreshRetroGallery. Or more specifically the section of the shop that sells fabulous, customisable family trees. I was contacted by the shop owner, Elizabeth Knaus to do a feature on my blog about her wonderful products, just one glance showed me that her shop was great.

Now, onto the products:
Fresh retro sells family tree templates, perfect for anyone tracing their family history and wanting it to look beautiful. Just take a look at their sales, that pretty well sums up just how popular the shop is. The unique, fresh layout is of a much higher standered than those of cheaper
,tackier shops. If you are going to spend such a long time tracing your family history you'll want it to look good!

Hopefully this post will make you want to check out this epic shop! Maybe it will even inspire you to check out your own family history!
See you
Flo Jo xx