Saturday, 27 October 2012

Halloween Costume Ideas

 Halloween is a great holiday- it's the one day a year where dressing up, knocking on stranger's doors and stuffing your face with sweets is considered totally normal! As I live in England Halloween isn't actually that much of a big deal- of course shops start selling tacky masks and pumpkins, but it's nothing compared to the preparations made in America. I wish us Brits celebrated Halloween a bit more, after all it is a pilgrim festival and England had pilgrims, above all it is just another excuse to have fun. One of my favourite aspects of Halloween is deciding what to go as. Your costume has the potential to be amazing- if you put in some effort!

Coming up with ideas for costumes can be very hard, so here I've combined some cool ideas along with brief descriptions of how to achieve it's 'look'.

  • Goth Fairy.  
          This costume is so easy to organise. You could probably make it with just the clothes in your wardrobe, get a long sleeved stripy top- doesn't matter what colour. On top of that place either a black or florescent vest, add a short skirt or tutu, some stripy tights and some black boots. Voila! That's the outfit completed. Next, powder your face white and outline your eyes in thick, black eye-liner  Add black or red lipstick and you're done.

  • Bumblebee.
         This one doesn't really need much explanation. If you really need to know- anything black and yellow, doodlyboppers are a nice touch.

  • Witch.
       Not very original, I know. But, it is still a good costume idea and there are many possible variations achievable. For the original 'witch' look: a black and purple/ black and white wig, an enormous pointy hat and a black dress of some description or other. If you have high boots in a dark colour they would look great with this outfit. Carrying a stuffed toy cat with you adds a bit of humour to your costume and makes it much more interesting.
  • Zombie schoolgirl 
         If you have any old school uniform left this is a fun way to ruin make use of it... Get into the (hopefully) old school uniform like you usually would, rip the tights and pour fake blood down yourself. This is best performed outside obviously. Pull your hair into two high pigtails and back-comb or crimp them, replace school shoes with big, clumpy boots of some description and use green powder eyeshadow as blusher. Spooky!

I'm afraid I don't have any more ideas at the mo. I will post them here if I do

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Inside My Wardrobe

Today I am going to give you a tiny peek at the inside of my wardrobe. These are not all of the clothes I own, just a tiny fraction. Hopefully you will find this at least a tiny bit interesting!!! When I was photographing my clothes I realised just how many of them are from Primark! I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing though... If I bought them from expensive brands I would probably own three tops and one pair of trousers! Sorry about the rubbish quality of the pictures- they were taken on my iPod.

 So, here we go!

Hats (of which I have a ridiculous amount!)

Some of my T- shirts
Chinos! (I <3 them!)

My skirt (from fatface!)
Denim Jacket and Cardi (from New Look +
River Island!)

Mustache Top! (New Look)

Flo Jo xxx

Saturday, 20 October 2012


I <3 Pusheen, as much as I wish I came up with this, I didn't so all credit to here:


If I had £1000000...

This is a question I think about a lot, it's not like I'm obsessed with money or particularly care about it. Mainly it's just the whole idea of have a million quid to spend- if you had that amount of money going spare I guess you'd hope that you would do something good and worthwhile with it. I certainly would. When you think about it realistically £1000000 isn't that much, the only thing that makes it so amazing is that barely anyone could save that amount of money. After much deliberation, this is my list:
  • Buy a house- so what if I'm only 12? I would only be future proofing.
  • Buy a little shop in Paris- selling dresses, stationary and home ware! (My dream!)
  • Buy lots of gadgets- Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad, Kindle.
  • Put aside £10000 in case I need it 
  • Donate everything else to animal charities.
When I look back at that list it isn't very long but I cant think of anything else to put on there- perhaps a couple of thousand for a shopping trip in London but not anything else.

Sorry for the short post today, I'm a bit pressed for time.
Flo Jo xx

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Buddy's Diner


Today's blog post is a sorta review of Buddy's Diner. Except it's not really a review since the only things I have to say about it are positive.
 First, an overview: Buddy's is an American 60s Style diner. The restaurant is located in Winchester, Hampshire, UK- if you live around there check it out!

I ordered a Oreo and cream milkshake and my Dad got an Americano coffee. I can honestly say that that milkshake was one of the best things I have ever tasted. Ever. Here is my artistic impression of it:

Pretty good, considering I drew it on my Bamboo Pen and Touch Tablet that I'm still getting used to!!! Just looking at it is making me hungry...
 The price was quite high- about £3 but considering the cost of Oreos fairly reasonable. The interior of the restaurant is amazing- exactly like an original American diner. Everything from the red and white leather seats to the neon signs are perfect!!

I really hope you check it out, if you can!!
Flo xx