Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Buddy's Diner


Today's blog post is a sorta review of Buddy's Diner. Except it's not really a review since the only things I have to say about it are positive.
 First, an overview: Buddy's is an American 60s Style diner. The restaurant is located in Winchester, Hampshire, UK- if you live around there check it out!

I ordered a Oreo and cream milkshake and my Dad got an Americano coffee. I can honestly say that that milkshake was one of the best things I have ever tasted. Ever. Here is my artistic impression of it:

Pretty good, considering I drew it on my Bamboo Pen and Touch Tablet that I'm still getting used to!!! Just looking at it is making me hungry...
 The price was quite high- about £3 but considering the cost of Oreos fairly reasonable. The interior of the restaurant is amazing- exactly like an original American diner. Everything from the red and white leather seats to the neon signs are perfect!!

I really hope you check it out, if you can!!
Flo xx


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