Saturday, 20 October 2012

If I had £1000000...

This is a question I think about a lot, it's not like I'm obsessed with money or particularly care about it. Mainly it's just the whole idea of have a million quid to spend- if you had that amount of money going spare I guess you'd hope that you would do something good and worthwhile with it. I certainly would. When you think about it realistically £1000000 isn't that much, the only thing that makes it so amazing is that barely anyone could save that amount of money. After much deliberation, this is my list:
  • Buy a house- so what if I'm only 12? I would only be future proofing.
  • Buy a little shop in Paris- selling dresses, stationary and home ware! (My dream!)
  • Buy lots of gadgets- Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad, Kindle.
  • Put aside £10000 in case I need it 
  • Donate everything else to animal charities.
When I look back at that list it isn't very long but I cant think of anything else to put on there- perhaps a couple of thousand for a shopping trip in London but not anything else.

Sorry for the short post today, I'm a bit pressed for time.
Flo Jo xx


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