Sunday, 21 October 2012

Inside My Wardrobe

Today I am going to give you a tiny peek at the inside of my wardrobe. These are not all of the clothes I own, just a tiny fraction. Hopefully you will find this at least a tiny bit interesting!!! When I was photographing my clothes I realised just how many of them are from Primark! I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing though... If I bought them from expensive brands I would probably own three tops and one pair of trousers! Sorry about the rubbish quality of the pictures- they were taken on my iPod.

 So, here we go!

Hats (of which I have a ridiculous amount!)

Some of my T- shirts
Chinos! (I <3 them!)

My skirt (from fatface!)
Denim Jacket and Cardi (from New Look +
River Island!)

Mustache Top! (New Look)

Flo Jo xxx


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