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Review: DNA, deluxe edition - Little Mix

As I may or may not have mentioned before I am a mixer- a lover of the girl group little mix. Therefore, when I found out they were releasing their debut album I just had to have it! It had their two pre- released tracks on- wings + DNA.

Here's a little information on Little Mix before I start this review. The band members are: Jade, Perrie, Jesy and Leigh- Anne- they all auditioned as solo acts on the English talent show: The Xfactor. They got through the audition stage and made it through to boot camp, then there was quite a bit of  fussing about putting them into different groups; no one really understand it! Eventually, after a lot of heartache, they were put into a group called 'Rythemix' and were through to the judged houses where their mentor was Tulisa (yes, the N-Dubz one).
They did very well and got through to the live shows. But then, they had to change their band name! It turns out Rhythemix was already the name of a registered charity providing disabled children with access to musical instruments. As the band didn't want to make publicity difficult for the charity they changed their name to little mix. In week one of the live shows they were favourites to go, girl bands never did well on the Xfactor. They only just scraped by in the live shows until Halloween week, when they sung Katy Perry's E.T:
This earned them popularity among the audience and they just kept getting better and better. However, for me they weren't great until Movie Soundtrack week, where they sang don't let go:
It was truly amazing. But, still I wanted Marcus Collins- another contestant to win. But, he didn't and Little Mix did- making them the first band to win the Xfacor; making them better than 1d! Their first single- Cannonball didn't do very well, it was truly awful! But when they released wings it all got better, then DNA came out and voila! PERFECTION!

Here's my review of it- track by track.
1) Wings: Really upbeat and very catchy, a teensy bit too pop for my taste. I do like their voices in harmony, though. 7.5/10
2) DNA: This is one of my favourite songs on the album. It's a lot more serious but still 'Little Mix' ish. Jade's and Perrie's voices sound especially good in this, Oh and Leigh- Anne's rap is really good. 9/10
3) Change your life: Good, for a ballad. I am not a massive fan of inspirational goo, but it isn't too bad. And I suppose every band needs a power song.
4) Always be together: I want to say something positive about this song but it's pretty awful. Repetitive lyrics- trying to be meaningful but just boring. 4/10
5) Stereo soldier: I really like this song- it has an upbeat tempo and sounds quite R&B which I absolutely love. When I first heard it I didn't really like it but it grew on me. 8/10
6) Pretend it's OK: I'm undecided on this one... On the one hand it's grossly cheesy but on the other it's sound is lovely, not a standout song. But nice. 7/10

7) Turn your face: Slow and dull. It really doesn't fit in with the rest of the album. The lyrics make so sense at all! Why say 'turn your face'? Why not just 'turn around'? A typical break up song- Luckily it's the only absolutely abysmal song on the album. 3/10
8) We are who we are: This song has a really upbeat vibe- typical lyrics but I don't really care. I think this song should've been released as a single in it's own right 8.75/10
9) How ya doin': This is a really fun song, sound effects are played around with but the girl's beautiful voices still soar. Gets a bit repetitive, though! 8/10
10) Red planet feat. T-Boz: Has a really different sound from the rest of the album, in a good way! I love the deep sound of it! Maybe not for the people who preferred 'wings' over 'DNA'. 8/10
11) Going nowhere: Very girls aloud ish. No surprise, considering Nicola Roberts co- wrote it! I really dislike this song. I don't hate it, no it could be much, much worse, It's not particularly individual.  7/10
12) Madhouse: My favourite song on the entire album! So great, the chorus is amazing! I think this should be released as a single, it's probably even better than DNA. 10/10
13) Love Drunk: I think this should be on the actual album rather than the extended edition. It's beat is amazing. Pure brilliance. 9/10
14) Make you believe: I don't know what to say about this one. Mediocre. 7/10
15) Case closed: Like a laid back version of DNA, really beautiful. I love it, needed to be publicised more, it  would've been very  popular! 8/10
16) DNA (unplugged): Basically a Capella  version of DNA. Really lovely. Shows off the girls voices really well! 9/10.

Overall I would give this album a 8/10. Some amazing songs, some rubbish ones and some that just aren't memorable. For a debut album I'd say Little Mix have done very well. I would recommend buying this album because it has many good songs and little mix are a lovely band!
Flo Jo xx                              


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