Monday, 31 December 2012

Holidays and doing nothing

I love the holidays- not because of all the stuff you can do when not at school but more wallowing in the pleasure of not having to be at school. I am a homely person, I love staying in my room, drawing and listening to music. I don't mind going for walks or anything like that but having to do 'activities' as such just makes me think: "why?".
I would rather stay home and bake than go to a class teaching you how to make soufflé, you might as well be at school. To be honest the only type of going out I enjoy are : going to the cinema, going to the theatre, and shopping.
I like school generally, but I would rather be at home doing something arty. I mean, what's the point of learning how to rename folders in IT when I understand basic HTML coding? Or why should I learn to make a stir fry in an hour in food tech when you can do it in 15 mins at home. Sorry about ranting about school, I should just be enjoying the time I have off. I just don't understand why some elements of school are considered more important than others...

Bye guys,
Flo Jo xxxxx


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