Friday, 18 January 2013


I live in the south of England and it NEVER snows here. I mean, about once a year. So when I woke up today and everywhere was gorgeous and white I got very excited. The fact that I got the day off school made it even better! Look how beautiful out back garden looks!


  1. Hello Flo *waves*

    I saw your url in shout magazine, so I thought I would take a look, since getting people to look at a blog is pretty hard to do, unless it is relatable to them. I read a few posts, I like your blog *follows blog on bloglovin'*

    Keep up the good work. I shall enjoy reading your posts. If you have a chance please do take a look at mine LFM -

    LFM Out. *Cool Face*
    (Tajinder Sandhu)

  2. Thanks for your comment. I'm really, really glad you enjoy reading my blog! I hope you enjoy my posts xx

  3. I had snow on that day too and no school aswell :)