Sunday, 3 February 2013

I'm disgusted with myself from my lack of camera

 You know the whole 'photography' craze among bloggers. Well, I love taking photos and I'd love to post more photos on my blog but- I don't have a camera!!! It's slightly worrying. We don't even have a family camera anymore- our old SLR broke. Whenever we need to take photos we use iPhone/iPod/iPad. This is really starting to get to me~ I would adore my own camera. The problem is that they are so ridiculously overpriced I (who is rubbish at saving up) simply cannot afford one.
 But I have decided I need to set my mind to it and get it -does anyone have any recommendations?


  1. I also have a canon and i love it !!!! Hope you find a camera soon !! Tia xoxox

  2. it depends what kind you want... fujifilm do really basic and good quality ones but i would reccomend canon or nikon x