Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Okay, so I'm already struggling...

With my 7 day blogging challenge. I am seriously running out of inspiration. I don't think that you'll appreciate me just writing about nothing in particular. Because then, what's the point of you reading this.

So I promise that I will try to post about interesting stuff and be a bit more organised in getting posts lined up. Today I had my parent's evening at school and only came back at about 6. Then my friend came round for a bit so today's post I'm making up as I go along.

Here's basically what my teachers said about me at parent's evening:
Art: Apparently I'm very creative (yay)! I also try very hard and am confident in my ability, I can help out others who may be struggling.
That made me soooooo happy. Art's one of my absolute favourite subjects ever, and to be complimented on that made me really, extremely happy!
English: My analysis have really improved, at the start of the year I got a 5a for one and recently I got a 7c!!! My teacher thinks that I have the ability to do really well but I need to improve the sophistication in my writing which she thinks will come with age.
I love English, why else would I write a blog? I think that her comments were lovely.

And that's a sample of what happened at my parent's evening. I was really, really embarrassed since I can't stand people talking about me. Especially when they're saying something nice!!!
Flo Jo


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