Friday, 22 March 2013

Review: the handmade marketplace

Today I'm going to review a book that my mum got me from a charity shop. Despite it being second hand it's condition is really good, even the name tag in the front hadn't been filled in!

This book tells you pretty much everything you need to know about selling your crafts and how to make a profit from it. It also contains opinions from lots of experts including the world-famous blogger Holly Becker of decor8! This book has information on everything from finances (yawn!) to selling on etsy.

Review: I am really impressed by the sheer amount of information in this book. Each page is filled with information. Not all of the info was particularly relevant to me (notably the taxes section) but I can see how people would find it helpful. It has advice on everything from blogging to designing a logo for your etsy store. Also I adore the illustrations in it, they are drawn by Emily Martin of the Black Apple . I think that the bottom line is: I love this book! It answers any questions that you might have about selling your crafts and also has a little section on social media.

As of today I am going to try and post once a day for a week, so this is my first one. If I'm not blogging you have every right to chivvy me into posting again.
 On Sunday I have a gymnastics competition that I am competing in with my school, I am super scared. Points get deducted for every single slight mistake, and I'm probably going to be the one making them. Grace and pointy toes are not my forte.

Finally, at school we run this course for the year 7s. Its essentially all about being happier and being nicer to people. Most of my year are doing it. As this week was last session everyone said nice things about the other people. What people said about me was: I use lots of long words (I think that's good!?!), I am mature, I think about my opinions. At the end our pupil support guy who runs it drew a picture to represent everyone. He drew me as an owl because I seem very wise. I just thought I'd share it because it really made my day!

Flo Jo


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