Tuesday, 5 March 2013


 On Sunday I got a comment on my previous post that really made my day.

"Hey Flo Jo I really like your blog and I read it a lot. It's similar to what I do and it's you that inspired me to get blogging... so thanks! I especially liked your butterfly cakes post.

will you have a look at my blog? It doesn't get many views and has no comments. I don't think it's anywhere near as good as your blog but it's still fun to do

www.mezzedit.blogspot.co.uk :)"

Something like that is just what you need to make you smile. It's wonderful to think that at least one person looks up to my blog, that's what I was aiming for when I started to blog a couple of years ago. Now that it's finally happening it feels a bit surreal. I am the one who gets jealous of other peoples blogs (in a good way) not the other way round. This may seem like a bit of an overreaction but when someone praises you for something you've done and you know they are completely unbiased because you don't know them. They are judging you purely on what you write and to be honest I like being judged on that. Sitting in front of a computer writing I am a lot more witty and open than I am socialising in real life with some people. I've just re-read that sentance and it makes me sound like a complete loner but it's true!!!

Flo Jo xxx


  1. That comment would make me smile too xx I see you like writing-how about joining Wattpad? I dd and I made friends with someone really quick it's really good fun just to write x

  2. I like mezzedit too i liked her blog on making the bookmarks !!!!!! XD Tia x

  3. Aww FloJo! You are soooo sweet I'm finding it hard to believe that you wrote that lovely post. And yes I look up to your blog, even though you're year 7 and I'm year 8! I was wondering why my blog's views grew so rapidly and then I saw this post. Since you wrote this post my blog's views have grown by 50 views per post!

    Thanks FloJo, you're amazing.

  4. In fact, I'm going to blog about you!