Monday, 18 March 2013

Some of my favourite things

Today I wanted to do a post about baking but since I'm at my aunt's house and can't bake here that's impossible. So then I wanted to write about something related to baking, then I thought: "hey, baking is one of my favourite things". So there you go.
 Also, for some reason I love writing lists. I even have a complete book full of lists
Yes, really.

  1. Baking- the smell of it cooking, beating together the sugar and eggs. Plus, the pure amazingness of mixing ingredients into something edible!
  2. Reading- my idea of heaven is sitting in my room forever, with an unlimited supply of hot chocolate and reading. It doesn't matter what kind of book it is, I just love to read.
  3. Magazines- I have to give a special shout out to shout because they gave me lots of my readers by mentioning my blog!!! But I just love reading magazines, I'm a girl so obviously I love gossip!
  4. Writing- at the moment I'm trying to write a novel. It's been on the go for a couple of years and is constantly evolving. I love writing, anything could happen. I'm using this book to write a novel.
  5. Cats- what would the internet be without them? No, seriously they are so sweet and precious. =^.^=
  6. Books full of facts- they are wonderful and the reason my head is full of useless facts. Knowledge is a wonderful thing and even better when it's fun!
  7. Nice pens: My favourites are lovely gel pens that don't run out immediately, and good quality biros. The cheap ones are rubbish- they annoy me so much. Why yes, I am really weird.
That's all I can think of on the spot! By the way, thank you for the replies on my last post! Some more would be appreciated if possible. From my statistics I can tell lots of you are reading my blog. So if you all comment on this post I would scream with joy! Cheers,
Flo Jo


  1. I like those things a lot too - I prefer eating the mixture when baking than the actual baked product! Nice to know more about you FLoJo! I'm glad you're getting views, you deserve them. :)

    Mez Out!