Saturday, 9 March 2013

Some Questions

Today I'm going to encourage you to do some 'audience participation' so to speak (wow that sounded posh!!!). These are some questions I have, they don't require facts as answers- just you opinion! Please leave you replies in the comments.

  1. Do any of you know anyone who offers online courses in blog design or does blog makeovers for a reasonable price? I would really like to give my blog a complete overhaul but don't know where to start. Tips would be appreciated!!!
  2. Are shetland sheepdogs good pets? It will be a really strange coincidence if any of my readers actually own a sheltie! My mum won't let me get a dog for a good while yet but I have my heart set on this breed. I know lots of info about them but I need to hear someone's opinion.
  3. Does anyone here know anything about SEO? If you don't know what that means I'll assume you can't help me...
Please reply. That made me sound desperate. Ouch.
Flo Jo xx

P.S I had a really nerdy moment today when I was doing history homework whilst listening to trock (timelord rock!!!) Chameleon Circuit are awesome!


  1. 2. Shelties are amazing pets i love my nans to bits !!!!! She is so cute and is called lassy (coincidence) ..... Tia x

  2. Sorry I dunno the answers to the questions but I do know that shetties are very friendly. You don't sound desperate! XD

  3. And how the pancakes did you make a button?!?