Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Saturday lunch part I: Bread

This is part one of a three part picture series about the amazing ( I'm so modest!) lunch that I made on Saturday! Just ask in the comments if you can't read any of my terrible handwriting!
Also, I have noticed in my past two posts that the quality isn't as good as I feel it could be, I'm going to be working on making my voice more sophisticated. But obviously still aimed at younger people and not English- teacherey
Flo Jo xx

Sunday, 21 April 2013


I am super sorry that I've slipped back into my lazy blogger routine... Have you noticed however, that I've redesigned the blog!?!? I'm really proud of the illustrations I drew for everyone. I've been putting it off forever!!! If you want me to do anything like that for you just give me an email and I'm sure I could sort out somehow... Anyway- to apologise I've drawn you this picture, please don't claim it as your own!!!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

My computer's died

Very sad news: my computer's deaded :-( - see, this situation is so awful the sad smilies come out. I have been using my grandpa's old desktop PC which was probably state of the art seven odd years ago... Even so, it worked and was lovely. Plus, our family laptop doesn't have any Microsoft word programmes on whilst the computer did. That does mean however I can't currently do my CPR homework (citizenship, PSHE, religious studies). What a shame. That was sarcastic. When I type in really short sentences like that it is deliberate, not just that I'm illiterate. I personally think it was downloading my sims 3 games onto it that killed it, annoyingly one of my discs is still trapped inside. I can see that I'm going to need to take the thing apart. Scary!!! There is, however, one upside to this tragedy... Drooling over lots of shiney, new laptops, yay! Personally, my dream would be this gorgeous MacBook Pro :

Sorry if it doesn't show up on your computer, I copied and pasted it and that sometimes doesn't work. Anyhoo, isn't it beautiful? I have a thing for wonderfully designed gadgetry!!! However unrealistic my dream is I hope that one day it shall come true ( ooh, I just used shall in a sentence, how snazzy!).

Okay, toodledoo
Flo Jo

Friday, 5 April 2013

I'm back!

Hello guys!
Sorry for disappearing of the face of the blogosphere. I was on holiday in the wilds of The Isle of Wight!!! I went there with my cousin, aunt, and my nana. Despite the weather being freezing cold (hello, spring? Are you there?) it was actually great fun. Whilst writing this I'm trying to work out how to transfer photos from the camera onto my ancient computer. I was hoping to impress you all and have lots of photos in my post for once. But, I'm afraid to tell you it's not looking good. Bum. I thought I was quite good with computers- okay, I am now going very off topic.

I will try to upload the photos as soon as I can but for now just be relieved that I haven't vanished!!!
Flo Jo