Thursday, 23 May 2013

Don't Worry....

Hello guys,
as you can probably gather from the title of this post this is essentially a reassurance from me to you that I haven't forgotten about you all. Recently I have been redesigning this entire blog- it's entire look will change... So far I'm really excited about it; it's lots more light airy which I think will suit this blog's aim better. Also, I would have to say it's probably a little 'girlier' or maybe just more grown up. It's colour palettes much lighter- I would describe the colours used as the ones I would decorate my room with. I am also planning to make it easier to navigate- e.g. Links in the sidebar that click through to specific categories... Well, once I work out how to do it, anybody got any advice for me. Plus, I want to add some social media buttons to the side banner so that you can find me on other websites. I feel like this blog had needed its design changing for a while now, not just a new banner, EVERYTHING needs changing. Personally, I don't think that this blog's design has reflected me recently and that's what I a guess I aim for... Okay, I probably will just have to give you a sneak peak... I am just super- duper proud!

Whoops, the image quality's a bit fuzzy this close up and in lower res but hopefully you can see the general idea of what's going to be happening. When my blog redesign is in progress you may notice some new weird tabs appear along the top bar, just ignore them. They'll just be so I can get the links for the sidebar.
 If you would like to try something similar with your blog or website, here's what I recommend using:

  • Graphics Tablet- I use a Wacom Bamboo pen and touch tablet which is about £60. It's a brilliant price for something that I have got so much use out of! I'd highly recommend it.
  • Sketchbook Express- It's available free on both mac app store (the version I use), Google Play store (I have no idea what this version's like... I have barely tried out the play store at all yet (except on my Samsung Galaxy y phone)). You can also get it on iPods, iPads and iPhones... they're all touch screen though so aren't as good. 
  • Image Maps- This is an amazing, free piece of software that allows you to link certain parts of an image to different places. This is invaluable for the creation of sidebars. The URL is
  • PicMonkey- I can't really explain this... It does everything! Just go and check it out:
I will add a much more in-depth tutorial on this whole blog design 'thing' once I've uploaded the new design. If you want me to that is... I'd really love to hear your thoughts on the new ideas, also any tips would be really appreciated.
 Flo Jo xx
Note 1: I feel really guilty abandoning yet another attempted blog post 'series' but I'm giving up on the Hunger Games 'thing'. What with the blog design and something else cool (which I will tell you about at a later date) coming up I don't have time. Plus, I don't want this to become a purely fandom dominated blog...
Note 2: You may have noticed a ' NO MORE PAGE THREE ' button at the side of my blog. I would really appreciate you clicking through to their website to see what they do. Maybe you could help support their campaign by signing their petition. For those of you who don't know page three is a page that many cheap, awful newspapers and magazines dedicate to printing pictures of half-naked women on. It's unnecessary and sexist and just has no place there... These people are doing an amazing job in trying to get this thing banned but they just need more support- much thanks xx


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