Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Useful tools for blogging:

Today I'm going to try to do a kind of 'infographic' I guess. In the second picture I hope you can read my downright awful handwriting, it's bad enough in real life but when written on a graphics tablet resembles something my four year old sister could do. If anything I've written doesn't make sense please ask me in the comments... I honestly have no clue how people like Elsie Larson of a beautiful mess (just to say, this may be my favourite blog of all time!) have such gorgeous, consistent writing on their wacom tablet. So, lets get to it!

Well, there it is. That's just a guide to what I use regularly in blogging and would recommend. I hope that you find this useful- whether you're starting a new blog or just giving an old one a complete overhaul.
 Speaking of overhauls, you may- well probably definitely have- noticed my blog has a completely new look! I know I mentioned last post about a hand illustrated sidebar but in all honesty I'm struggling with it. I just really wanted my blog to match what I think it's 'personality' (if that doesn't sound too weird) is!    I really love the grey chevron background and think that will be staying for quite some time. I haven't quite made up my mind on the blog banner yet... What do you think of it, is it maybe slightly too girly!? But all in all I think this look is much more sophisticated- that's the only instance in which I have ever related that word to myself! 

 Sooo, guys...
I really hope you enjoyed this post, abysmal handwriting and all. Also, please give me your opinions of the design in the comments- I've missed hearing from you guys!!! 
  Flo Jo xx
P.S I'm currently looking for a blogger to write a guest post on my blog in July, anyone interested? Just visit my contact page... I'm happy for something on any subject, maybe fashion or beauty just to mix it up a bit?!? I hope someone's interested! Xx


  1. I would definitely be interested but I don't know if you're looking for someone who is more experienced? x

    1. Hello Flora! I'm sure that you could write a post for this blog! Maybe something to do with fashion- you have so many clothes... Or you could do something to do with beauty products, that'd be good. Hopefully I can see you soon- happy birthday for ages ago- phone me!!! Flo Jo xx

  2. I appreciate you for offering those insightful, safe, explanatory and as well as cool resources on the topic to useful tools for blogging.Thanks alot for this post.