Saturday, 8 June 2013

*Jazz Hands!*

 Sorry for abandoning you so soon after I made my blog all new and shiny. Feeling a bit rejected because of ridiculously low views- moral: don't get hung up on statistics... Anyhoo, just have to strive on and hope for the best.

 By this point I guess that you are beginning to wonder about that *interesting* post title. I'm certain that some of my smarter reader will instantly think: JAZZ HANDS= MUSICALS!!!! owedfghjvbjkhighkjfjhdlgjr! Yeah! Well, to be honest with you the title is slightly deceptive, this isn't strictly about musicals. It's about plays- actually A play.

A couple of months ago I mentioned that I was in a theatre group that were going to put on a production of private peaceful (a book by michael morpurgo). Today was the day of the performance!!! First of all I think I'd better give you an idea of what the play's about before I go into saying how it all went. Basically- The story is narrated by a boy (about 15 years old) called Tommo and takes place in 1915/1916. It's a story about him (Tommo), his brother (Charlie), his mother (Mother(!!!)) and his best friend (Molly). The first part of the story centers around Tommo and Charlie's everyday life: leaving school, getting a job, being jealous of his older brother and falling in LURVE with his best friend Molly... Okay, I am going to insert a jump break now because this will probably contain spoilers!

 Sooo... Charlie gets the girl (boohoo for Tommo I guess), Molly (the girl) gets pregnant- ooohhh, then the war starts! Yes, world war 1!!! Although Tommo is too young to go off to fight with the army he persuades Charlie to help him to pretend he's his twin (Charlie's 17). When they go to war they encounter a horrible sargent- Sargent Hanley. For some unknown reason the really hate the Peaceful Brothers- especially Charlie. Basically they make their lives hell... Then they are introduced to their new boss, Captain Wilkes. In the play the guys who played him decided to play him as a drunk. It. Was. Brilliant. Some non important stuff happens- well, people die, but... yeah. Charlie gets shot in the foot. Then the Peaceful Brothers and their company end up trapped in a dugout with Tommo seriously injured. Sargent Hanley wants them to go out and run across the battlefield- which Charlie refuses to do beacuse the Germans know that they're hiding and also becuase Tommo can't walk and Charlie won't leave him. The the Sargent threatens to get him (Charlie) shot by the firing squad if he doesn't follow the order to leave. He doesn't move- then it ends... Wow, dramatic!

   I find the drama club really great fun and would recommend that you join one in your local area!!! Read the book, it's good, and I mean that- I normally hate Michael Morpurgo! Also on a sorta relevant note: please check out this youtube channel- it belongs to Alex, a girl I do theatre with!

Thank you guys,
Flo Jo xx


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