Saturday, 22 June 2013

Laziest post ever!

Today I've been feeling guilty for abandoning you all for a week, I did say I was going to blog more often! Well, I have an idea for a series of blog posts- I know what you're thinking: "oh no, not another series, you always fail miserably,". That's true but the idea I have in mind has the potential to be quite interesting... I think it will be fun to write. Or I might just use the best post idea from the series and write it as a one-off post. Anyway, whatever I end up doing it may take a while and I just wanted to put something out there that might interest you. Below I will be listing great music that I love (I guarantee no one direction or Taylor Swift will be found here!), Websites, and maybe even some youtube videos. Here we go!

Cat Mario:
This game will ruin your life. Seriously.
HINT: It doesn't work how you think it will...

A beautiful mess:

Tolly Dolly Posh:

Please don't judge me.


^Okay- so this song references to where the wild things are. Yeah- so. cool.

Yeah... I was so alternative up until that point.

Everyone's probably already seen that, oh well!
Guys, you have to check out amazingphil's whole channel! *click here* He is probably one of the best youtubers ever and is just awesome. He even has his own show on radio 1 with his friend and fellow youtuber danisnotonfire, it is really amazing and you can even watch it live on the radio 1 website. It's on sunday nights from 7:00 till... something. Here's the link:
Charlieissocoollike is the first youtuber I ever watched and he is still as cool as ever. He is now crazily successful- plus Stephen Fry voices the outro, need I say more?

Can I just point out- I watched this channel before it was cool. I started watching it in 2008 and am proud of it. I even have the official Simon's cat book- so I'm not just being a sheep here, okay!!!

If you want to know the most subscribed youtubers click *here*

     I am amazed at how fun this post was to write actually- if I was allowed to I would spend all day talking about music and youtubers, and this is almost as good as that. I hope you enjoyed this- if you want to find any similar videos/ music on youtube just type the artist's/ youtuber's name into the search bar.

 Okay then, bye guys
Flo Jo 


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