Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Posh Fashion Awards!!!

 As you may or may not have noticed I have added a button in the sidebar linking to the Posh Fashion Awards. This is a competition for bloggers hosted by the lovely Tolly of Tolly Dolly Posh Fashion- it would be a massive honour to win this award and in order to do that I need you. Yes, YOU! Either click on the link higher in this post, the one in the sidebar or just click this picture:

I think that my blog fits into both the 'young blogger' and 'lifestyle blogger' categories so please please please nominate me for both. Just copy and paste my blog URL in and there you go. You don't need to supply any email addresses!!

Guys, pwweeeeaaaasssseee help me win this thing- it would just abeqasdfghjkytfcvbjk amazing!!!! So... Off you go
Flo Jo xx


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