Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My blog.

Hello guys,
Today I hit 5000 views on this lovely little blog. In the big scheme of things and compared to other blogs this number may not seem very large. But for me it's mind blowing that people would want to read what I have to say. I remember getting excited over my first 100 views, my blog was awful back then- I would just post random pictures found off the internet and comment on homework I got. When I sometimes read through my old posts I cringe at how awful they were. I just want to curl up in a ball and wail: "whhhhyyyyy?". You can still look through my old posts if you keep pressing the 'older posts' button at the bottom of my blog pages or by looking through the archive.

To celebrate this milestone I thought I would take some time to reintroduce myself:
I am Flora Agnes Pick, 12 year old (13 in September!) nerd who hates to actually interact with real life twitter. If you asked me my hobbies I would probably say: simming, tweeting and watching youtube videos. I have some amazing friends in real life but I'm just so socially awkward that I come across a lot better via my tweets and blog posts. Plus they're a way to use my ridiculously over extended vocabulary in a way that doesn't mean people giving me odd looks. I live with my mum, brother, sister, two cats and a rabbit- I see my dad about once a week. I joined blogger in september of 2011 as a way to share my obsession with a website called Movie Star Planet. I would post about people on there, competitions and other exciting to my 10/11 year old self stuff. This blog no longer exists, neither does my account on movie star planet. However it did inspire me to have a personal blog, this was why pretty little things was created. I just want to share with you my life and stuff that I like in the hope that you'll like it to. I am so grateful for every single one of you that reads my blog and I think your all super amazing and have the best taste in bloggers. I may not be the biggest but I suppose my blog can only get better and I will continue to try my hardest with the posts because I want you to enjoy them. At the moment I am trying really hard to stick to my schedule of at least one post a week, even if I will probably fail miserably. I am so grateful for all the wonderful friends I have made through this blog and I'm always looking forward to making more. Please leave your blog links in the comments because I'd love some more blogging buddies.

If you'd like to see more into my personal life follow my twitter which is quite different from my blog. They are basically me fangirling over all the different fandoms I'm in and obsessing over sims. Yes. That basically sums up my twitter.

I know this post has been a bit deep so here are some youtube videos that have made me smile

It's Phil's mum! Finally we know who she is!

I want ara bella to be my best friend.

Flo Jo xx

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Music Tag!

Original image from tumblr

I know- another post? I am being a very productive blogger aren't I? *proud face*. I got the idea of this tag from Beyond Imagination and I thought it seemed like a really fun thing to do. Music is such a big part of my life and I know that I love talking about my favourite bands etc. It's not very often that I find a tag that actually looks fun so I am super excited for this one. Let's get started on the questions then...

What are your top 5 favourite songs right now?
Umm... for me this changes all the time but currently the songs I can't get out of my head are:

1) Tessalate- ∆ (alt-j)
2) Little talks- of monsters and men
3) Icarus- Bastille
4) Young and beautiful- Lana Del Rey
5) Best song ever- One direction


Yeah, about that last one- I actually like a one direction song?!!?!? Argh, god help me! I don't think I actually like the song, It's more the video. I find it incredibly unfair that Zayn makes a better looking girl than me. It's good up until when they start singing basically, though the song is really catchy.

Who are your favourite bands of all time?
I don't listen to enough bands to compile a full list so I've included a solo artist as well- whoops!

1) Alt- j
2) Bastille
3) Of monsters and men
4) Lana Del Rey
5) Fun.

3. What is the most played song in your iTunes?
I don't have much new music on my iPhone so I listen to loads of stuff from 2011. Yes. Very bad music. Due to this my most played song is probably 'you and I' by Lady Gaga. I love her, she needs to release some new stuff!

4. What was the last album you bought? 
It was Bad Blood by Bastille.

5. What song can you not get out of your head? 
Can't hold us- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. - I know the whole rap! How sad.

6. What was the last single you downloaded?
Icona pop ft. Charlie xxx - I love it

7. What is your favourite band right now?
It's a tie between alt-j and Bastille!

8. What is your favourite type of music? 
I don't know- kinda alternative pop- rock. Also largely depressing, can I use Lana Del Rey as an example? And Trock of course (if you know what that is, congratulations you are a fully qualified nerd.)

9. In your 25 Most Played list, what is #10?
I don't even know what that is... (I am an idiot).

10. What was the first gig you ever went to? 
I don't think I've ever been to a gig which is such a failure. I really want to go to the capital jinglebell ball though!

11. What was the best gig you've ever been to?


12. And finally, if there was one band/album/song you would recommend everyone listening to RIGHT NOW, what would it be?
Alt-j, all of their songs are perfect and they are AMAZING!!!!!!!

Wow, I mentioned alt-j lots in that tag didn't I?

See you
Flo Jo xx

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

I made a youtube video! - How to make a blog button

As you may or may not know- it is finally the summer holidays in England! Wooo! Thank God! I've had enough of school. We only had a half day on Tuesday so once school ended my friends and I went into town and messed about. We bought loads of rubbishy food for our lunch than sat on the cathedral grounds to eat it. It was really lovely. Then we went to Primark & New Look and played the game where you have to choose stuff for the other person. I ended up wearing an aztec print below-the-knee pencil skirt, a collared blouse with hearts on and a blazer. Lovely. Then we tried to walk around in all the highest heels in the shop, I think we nearly got kicked out. I bought a cropped plain black top which I absolutely love, a pack of lots of earrings (New Look) and some ballet pumps (Primark). I am really pleased with all my purchases! I got all of them for just under £10. 

Now onto the actual post, well not really a post a such... I made a youtube video! It was really fun to do and I hope you enjoy it! If you have any questions ask me in the comments and please like, comment and subscribe. I am also open to tutorial requests!

Love you
Flo Jo xx

Friday, 19 July 2013


Wow Flora, such an imaginative title. I know, sorry I am so bad at naming my posts- the majority of them are called 'Okay...' or something similar.
The first thing I have to tell you is: New design!!! I used Pugly Pixel's free lemon meringue template which is really minimalist and cute! What do you think of it? I'm not planning on keeping it for that long since I am currently working on a new design that I am really loving. It's inspired by vintage patterns and beach houses- you may not be able to see how, but, yeah.

Secondly: R.I.P Talia, I was heartbroken when I found out that she'd died. Talia was such a sweet girl and an inspiration for many people! Also, R.I.P Cory Monteith!!! I can't believe he's passed away. *cries* Why do all the nice people die?!?!?

And thirdly: Onto my post. I just thought I would quickly summarise the books I'm reading and planning to read. It won't be very detailed but I thought you may like so book recommendations.

What I'm reading:

Paper towns by John Green. So far I have only read The fault in our stars but based purely on that he is my favourite author ever in the history of foreverness!  I am also a complete and utter Nerdfighter.

This is my book that I'm dipping in and out of at the moment. I've not read that much so far but from what I have read it's amazing. I've had a good giggle learning all the completely weird but very useful words in other languages!

To read:

Half the reason I am reading this book is because I want to read Jeanette Winterson's autobiography type book 'Why be happy when you can be normal?' Which my mum said was hilarious as did Ruby from Feed me books now.

My mum recommended I read this book so that's what I'm going to do... In all honesty I have no clue what it's about but we shall see.

I love John Green as I mentioned earlier in this post and although I am yet to read any of David's books I have heard that they are really good. I cannot wait to read this one!

Yes, the cover is awful but this book is supposed to be good so I'll give it a try.

I hope you enjoyed having a look through this short list and it gave you some ideas for books to read.
Flo Jo xx

P.S because of the new template the formatting is messed up on previous posts, sorry!

Friday, 12 July 2013

Review: An awesome wave by ∆ (alt-j)

I'm feeling a bit guilty because I left you with a kind of rubbish post last time. It either interested you or it didn't. To add to this guilt I recently have had a spike in the number of views in this blog, I think this is because my friend Tolly got featured in Girl Talk magazine and I was featured in a recent post of hers. I am so proud of Tolly and how amazing her blog is so asdfghjkl; basically. Wow, I must be coming across really professionally to any new readers of my blog via Tolly's- sorry my writing is just kinda quick and slang-y I suppose!

Okay, so onto the post- someone at school suggested I do more reviews on my blog (you can find his twitter *here*. I thought it was a pretty cool idea, I have done book reviews in the past though I'm not sure if that was on this blog or one of my old ones (I used to have loads, if you didn't know, but they were awful). But I thought that reviewing music may be quite fun and a bit of a change. Now, you may remember me reviewing 'DNA' by little mix a while back but since then my taste in music has changed quite a bit... to say the least.

Album artwork
An awesome wave by (alt-j)

I know that this album was released awhile back, but they're still advertising it in the underground in London so I would say it's still current. Overall the sound of this album is quite indie-pop, but it has influences from lots of places.

I won't review all of the tracks since it has lots of interludes which are beautiful but you can't really say much about them. Instead I will review what I'd say are the standout tracks:

This is the song you've most likely to have heard on the radio- I've mentioned it on my blog before just because of it's pure awesomeness. It's about being in a relationship that you know isn't good for either of you but you can't get out. It also have references to where the wild things are, which is amazing in the most nerdy way ever...

Breezeblocks by alt-J on Grooveshark

Matilda: Another song that you may have heard on the radio, some parts of it are good but some bits can be a bit repetitive- but in this song I'm not entirely sure that that's a bad thing. I think it's based on a film called Leon or something? I don't know- it's slightly old for me but if you like looking into the meaning of song lyrics just have a look around.

 Matilda by alt-J on Grooveshark

Tessellate: In all honesty I don't really get this song but I think it's sound is really beautiful, plus it's one of alt-j's 'signature' songs I suppose. For those of you that don't know *here* is the meaning of tessellation, you'll probably learn about it in a maths lesson! Okay, that was slightly off topic... 

Tessellate by alt-J on Grooveshark

There are lots of other brilliant songs on this album and they are all so gorgeous to listen to, it's quite hard to find indie pop which isn't trying to hard to be indie pop... If you want to listen to the full album just click *here*.

I hope you enjoyed this little post, if you want more of this type- maybe on books, movies etc. just give me a suggestion in the comments!!!

And to see you off here is the most amazing idea ever:

This guy is amazing- look at his other videos and subscribe!!!

Flo Jo xx

Thanks to

Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Just a warning- this post is very informal, if you like reading uniform, well structured posts then run. 
 Also, the reason there's a blue tinge at the bottom of the photos is because my phone case got in the way. 

Please note, my photography is incredibly awful.


Yes, what the heck were they thinking?!

Wicked was amazing, see it.

So much hipsterness.

Only at the queen's home, nothin' special...

 What's more English than corgis? 

 *cough* irony *cough*

                          I was fangirling over the waxwork of Audrey Hepburn- is that weird?

This was the new waxwork, it was cool but didn't really look like Adele...

 Yeah, Beyonce *all the single ladies put your hands UP*

 I don't particularly like Cheryl Cole but her waxwork looked so much like her

 Iron Man, definitely the best superhero ever!

So London-y

Friday, 5 July 2013


Thank you to everyone who commented on my post last week- the links that you left me were very useful! I've realised that I shouldn't be trying to be a serious blog when that simply isn't who I am. I'd rather be making sarcastic comments about something rather than analysing what it can tell us about who we are. For that reason my blog is still going to be slightly silly and pointless because that's who I am. Plus it's exhausting to write meaningful posts!

I hope that you'll forgive me for going all hipstery and weird in my last post, re-reading it I am literally gagging at the cheesiness of it all. I mean- travel everywhere? Really Flora, really?Yeah, I really have no clue what that was all about.

On a slightly more upbeat note I've recently got slightly addicted to adventure time. Just because I had seen it all over the internet etc. I mean- I thought it MUST be worth watching if two cartoon characters from it can be people's OTP! Because I don't have Sky (yes, I am a deprived child) I can't watch cartoon network so am watching all of my adventure time via the wonderful youtube. The programme is just SO weird... It's like a kids show but then it's so not a kid's show at the same time. Plus- it's slightly disturbing, I'll use this clip to demonstrate this:

Okay, the earl of Lemongrab is definitely the weirdest thing ever. But the whole programme is hilarious and I recommend watching it on cartoon network or youtube no matter what your age. It's okay if you're a teenager- it has like a cult following on the internet. AND IT DESERVES IT!!!!!

Yup, so that's life at the moment, I'll post some London pics soon enough (aka when I can be bothered)
Flo Jo xx