Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Just a warning- this post is very informal, if you like reading uniform, well structured posts then run. 
 Also, the reason there's a blue tinge at the bottom of the photos is because my phone case got in the way. 

Please note, my photography is incredibly awful.


Yes, what the heck were they thinking?!

Wicked was amazing, see it.

So much hipsterness.

Only at the queen's home, nothin' special...

 What's more English than corgis? 

 *cough* irony *cough*

                          I was fangirling over the waxwork of Audrey Hepburn- is that weird?

This was the new waxwork, it was cool but didn't really look like Adele...

 Yeah, Beyonce *all the single ladies put your hands UP*

 I don't particularly like Cheryl Cole but her waxwork looked so much like her

 Iron Man, definitely the best superhero ever!

So London-y


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