Friday, 5 July 2013


Thank you to everyone who commented on my post last week- the links that you left me were very useful! I've realised that I shouldn't be trying to be a serious blog when that simply isn't who I am. I'd rather be making sarcastic comments about something rather than analysing what it can tell us about who we are. For that reason my blog is still going to be slightly silly and pointless because that's who I am. Plus it's exhausting to write meaningful posts!

I hope that you'll forgive me for going all hipstery and weird in my last post, re-reading it I am literally gagging at the cheesiness of it all. I mean- travel everywhere? Really Flora, really?Yeah, I really have no clue what that was all about.

On a slightly more upbeat note I've recently got slightly addicted to adventure time. Just because I had seen it all over the internet etc. I mean- I thought it MUST be worth watching if two cartoon characters from it can be people's OTP! Because I don't have Sky (yes, I am a deprived child) I can't watch cartoon network so am watching all of my adventure time via the wonderful youtube. The programme is just SO weird... It's like a kids show but then it's so not a kid's show at the same time. Plus- it's slightly disturbing, I'll use this clip to demonstrate this:

Okay, the earl of Lemongrab is definitely the weirdest thing ever. But the whole programme is hilarious and I recommend watching it on cartoon network or youtube no matter what your age. It's okay if you're a teenager- it has like a cult following on the internet. AND IT DESERVES IT!!!!!

Yup, so that's life at the moment, I'll post some London pics soon enough (aka when I can be bothered)
Flo Jo xx


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