Friday, 9 August 2013

DIY: Moodboard / Memory board

Hello guys, 
today's post is a DIY thingy mainly in pictures. This'll probably be the last time I post before I go on holiday tomorrow but I will try my best to occasionally update my twitter even in the wilds of the Isle Of Wight. 

So a quick explanation on this post: I was at a loss, was really bored and didn't have any idea what I wanted to do. I had spent all morning playing sims and felt like I should do do something with my day (well, actually mum made me do something). Being the productive person I am *yeah, right* I decided to sort out my folder of 'stuff' which consisted of a ton of drawings and doodles that I had accumulated over the past year. Now, I will admit most of this stuff was rubbish and I felt the need to either throw it all out or make some use of it. And I chose the latter, I have made a kinda memory / mood board thing of this year which is especially appropriate since I am turing 13 (argh!) next month. It was really weird to look through some of my older drawings and see how much my style of drawing and tastes have changed! Down below I have made a set of picture instruction thingies to show how I made mine. The one I made isn't anyway near perfect so feel free to adjust the instructions if you have a better idea. 

*NOTE* When I list what you'll need I accidentally missed out wallpaper/ wrapping paper and scissors -_-. Sorry! Also, if you can't read what I've written zoom in your screen by holding cmd (mac) / ctrl (pc) + and -

I hope you enjoyed this post and it's given you an idea for a summer project. Your room will be VERY messy afterwards from all the cutting out but it's completely worth it!

There's this really cool website I've discovered today called coffitivity which is a really cool concept. Basically it plays sounds of a coffee shop on a continuous loop which, according to studies, increases your productivity whilst working. It's supposed to be an ambient noise so you play your music over it. It seems to make a real difference for me!

I think I should just turn it into a feature to add a song at the end of every one of my posts... So this week it's:

Off to the Races by Lana Del Rey on Grooveshark

Thanks for reading!
Flo Jo xx


  1. Hey!!! I love your blog! Its adorable :3

    1. I glad you like my blog! Your link isn't working for me sadly :/