Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Flora and Flora \(o^.^o)/

Today is another photo heavy post, this time they are much better quality because a) My friend took most of them and b) They're with an actual, real, good camera!

Today my best friend *another Flora o_0* and I went into town (which I shall not name due to the fact one of us lives there). We had an amazing time prancing around looking like complete hipsters- I'm talking frappuccinos, beanie hats and a certain thing which will be revealed very soon... (If you are ever on the internet this object which I speak of will be super exciting to you!) So, I'm going to stop rambling now and will get to the photos:

Other Flora bought this top from primark for only £4
We bought matching beanies ~hipster~ *sigh*

This is the exciting thing I mentioned! Baby lips by Maybelline are finally
 available in the uk for only £2.99! *scream*
We both bought the cherry flavoured red tinted lip balm.
The other one's for Flora's friends b-day prezzie.
Flora bought this MUA concealer palette from superdrug to
disguise the fact she stays up all night on the internet. 
This is another gift for somebody... Barry M jelly high shine
nail paint in papaya 

This is how I spend the majority of my life.

Flora is genuinely like this... She was in starbucks and had to
take about five photos of her frappucino. ^^

I hope you enjoyed this post written with the help of my awesome friend Flora- aka Flo Do who has her own blog at: I'd love for you to have a look since I know she will run the best blog ever! 


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