Tuesday, 27 August 2013

I'm writing on my final day of holiday on the Isle of Wight. I know I've just published a post which I will have written after this but hopefully it's not too confusing for you (because it is for me!!!). This post is just me sharing with you all the rubbish goodies I have bought on the island. *In this list I am including silly little things that I have bought like magazines and postcards*

First up: These two vintage advert postcards. I got them from the Isle of Wight steam railway- I'm cool, I know *don't judge*. I love the fact that the kitkat one includes both of my favourite things: chocolate and cats. I wish advertisers just included random cats in today's ads. Believe me, that would make the world a much happier place. I also love Vespas, they're funny little things. Not quite a motorbike... When I get back I'm going to put these up on my wall of random cute stuff ©.

Next: Glass ornaments tend to be a bit old-lady ish but this seal is really sweet. I bought it on my first day on the island from some shop in an old fort. I will probably either break it or lose it but it's lovely while it lasts.

My mum actually bought this for me so it shouldn't strictly be on this list, but it's so lovely who cares?! This sand-filled elephant is from the sand shop at Allum Bay, near the needles. In this shop you can choose a shape / animal to fill with the different coloured sands from the cliffs. None of the sands are artificially coloured which is incredible considering the spectrum of colours you get.

Just for the sake of it I bought a teen vogue to read and a *special edition (omg)* pink lemonade lucozade to drink just to fill up an afternoon. Teen vogue is one of my favourite magazines because it offers a really good insight to the fashion universe without being too 'snobby'.

Today we went into West Cowes because mum needed to pick up one of her paintings from a gallery there. Before that though we looked around some amazing shops, they were good but very expensive. In the end I only ended up buying a pink lemonade flavored lip balm (can you sense a theme?) from the BEST SHOP EVER. Seriously though, everything in there was perfect. There was every single thing for you and your home that you can even imagine. Despite it being super-duper expensive I would happily spend every single penny I ever get there.
It's called: Live like this- West Cowes, IOW. You can find them at:
If your on the island you absoloutely have to go to West Cowes. Some of the shops are a bit weird but there are many lovely ones to outweigh the few bad ones.

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I love you guys!
Flo Jo xx


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