Wednesday, 7 August 2013

I need ideas...

This is like a stand in post for now. I will probably do a review on sims 3 island paradise but at the moment I'm on holiday at my grandparent's house in Weymouth (pictures coming soon!) and I can't get much done from here.

 So instead of me having to do actual work I decided I'd give you some homework: ask me questions! Anything at all you want to know about me, the weirder and more obscure the better. See, I'm going to be adding an FAQ page on my blog soon but I don't have any questions to answer...

 To ask me these questions you can use any of the following communication methods:
  • Comment: I think you should know how to do this...
Another favour I would like to ask you guys:
If you have any ideas could you link me to stuff I might want for my 13th birthday because I'm at a complete loss... I like kawaii, nerdy and techy stuff mainly. Tell me via the ways listed above!

Okay, thank you for putting up with being the most workloaded readers of all time- if you want to read blogs that post better, less demanding thigs than me you might want to look through these links:

And a song...
The Ballad of Mona Lisa by Panic! At the Disco on Grooveshark

Finally some amazing bracelets I got today from the sea life center:
Thanks guys- I love you!         
Flo Jo xx


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