Sunday, 22 September 2013

Ralph Lauren @ Harrods*


Hello guys!
 So here's the thing I have been freaking out over recently: I went to the launch of Ralph Lauren's childrenswear collection at Harrods! *Can I apologise beforehand if I use too many exclamation marks, I'm just very excited* Basically, I got invited up to London to check out the new range of clothes for girls aged 7-14. The look is very typical of Ralph Lauren- not in a bad way- it has quite an agricultural look to it. Some of it I did find a bit Miley Cyrus in her pre-twerking (Hannah Montana) era but the majority was really cute and I would definitely wear.

When we ((other) Flora and I) were at harrods they kindly did our hair and nails- being pampered was lovely. Next we picked out outfits from our favourite pieces of clothing in the new collection. I went for this amazing lace top that had a sweet vintage look to it, the material was very soft and stretchy and generally perfect. I also wore some skinny jodhpur-like trousers which were a soft blue colour and very me. My favourite part of the outfit was certainly a beautiful yellow cardi that had a 50s look to it. I need it in my life. Afterwards Flora and I got our pictures taken in front of a stable- themed backdrop which I will be getting the photos from soon!

 Overall my opinion on these clothes is a positive one- most of them are to my taste and I could easily imagine myself buying them if I had the budget. There were a few pieces that didn't work for me such as some light denim shorts with lace edging but the majority were gorgeous. I would have to say personally that any piece I bought would have to be perfect because of the pricing of this higher-end company. On the other hand, if you are maybe more wealthy I think they also have some pretty pieces of everyday clothing.

 Finally I want to give a massive thank you to the PR team at Ralph Lauren for inviting me and a friend to this launch. I had such a fun day and everyone was very lovely. I'm also chuffed with the perfume I got given- it smells SO good. *It's the Ralph Lauren number 4 perfume for women if you're wondering*

The collection

Flo Jo xx


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