Monday, 28 October 2013

Pumpkin carving

Um... hello?

Yes, yes- where on earth have I been? I'd like to say I've been incredibly busy but it's more like incredibly lazy. Ideas for blog posts just haven't been coming to me so I've been watching too much youtube and listening to too much music instead. I promise it won't happen again (it probably will but I'm very sorry).

Anyway... swiftly moving on: as Halloween is fast approaching and it is literally the best holiday in existance, I needed to carve a pumpkin! And I decided to take you on this journey (?) with me. Maybe if you haven't ever carved a pumpkin (I am judging you) this could even teach you what to do.

You will need:
- A pumpkin (preferably quite large)
- A knife (sharp and small)
- A pencil/ pen to draw your design with
- A candle and a match

First you need to scoop out the insides of your pumpkin. To do this you cut off the top- a circle about the size of your hand in a claw, if that makes sense? On one part of the 'lid' you cut of add a little triangular notch. This helps you to line it up more when you put it back on the pumpkin. Next use your hands to pull out the stringy insides and seeds of the pumpkin. Make sure you have a bowl to put this into otherwise there will be a huge mess. To help you get out some off the tricky bits use your knife to pull it off the edges. It needs to be completely clean before you start to carve otherwise when you put the candles in it could catch fire which isn't good.

Next draw out the design you want onto your pumpkin. Don't feel limited to the traditional faces. You could have anything from a pikachu to a floral pattern- it's really up to you! I went for a cat face because, well, cats. Then just draw out your design onto the pumpkin in either pencil or pen. Be sure to make it fairly big so people can clearly see what it is, this'll also make it easier to carve.

Then, you just cut along the lines trying not to stab yourself. If your pattern is a bit more complicated you may want to just scrape the skin off your pumpkin and not cut all the way through creating a cool effect. This can be a bit tricky though.

Once your design has been completely carved out you can light your candle(s). If you have a bigger pumpkin you'll probably need a couple but for smaller ones one should be fine. Then just drop them in. Try not to burn yourself because that's what I always do!

When you've done all of this your pumpkin should be looking very spooky and halloween-y. Then just put it wherever you want! It's really easy to carve a pumpkin as long as your design isn't too impossible.

What are you dressing up as for halloween? What are you doing? I'd love to know so please tell me in the comments and I will definitely reply.

Finally: song of the week (/whenever I actually post), I know I haven't done one forever but I should get back into the habit: 

Fox academy are literally my favourite thing at the moment, they're not the kind of stuff I normally listen to but they're amazing.

See you soon guys, thanks for bearing with me
Flo Jo xx

Thursday, 3 October 2013

September favourites

Hello lovelies!
 I'm going to try and do a favourites post today. I love reading them on other blogs and I thought- oh well, why not? Yes, I know recently I have been trying out lots of new ideas and kind of straying from my original blog 'theme' but I've been in a mood to change things up a bit. As I am writing this I am basically making the categories up so they will probably change later in this 'monthly favourites' series.

Favourite purchase:

Eeek! Yes I did buy a pair of doc martens, finally. Technically dad bought them for me but that doesn't matter, okay? It was as a birthday present though, I don't normally get £100 boots bought for me! *I wish* They aren't as painful to break in as I thought they would be so that's all good. I ended up going for black just because they would go with pretty much everything.

Favourite music thingy (bands/songs):
              Pierce the veil.......... Sleeping with sirens

Over the past month I have discovered so many new and amazing bands or just gotten more into ones I already knew of. It was so hard to chose who to put in this post! I actually have two favourite bands this month but they're both similar:

Sleeping with Sirens have a really unique sound due to the lead singer Kellin's extremely high voice. In all honestly I wasn't that sure whether I liked it at first but, um yes, I definitely do. The thing with sws is they have two very different styles of songs which they alternate between. They're what's called a post-hardcore band *see? I know stuff* which means they combine generally quite high, melodic vocals with screaming. They have songs with a fair amount of screaming and also some with literally none. There are songs to suit nearly everyones music taste pretty much. 

The second band I love are Pierce the veil. They have a similar style to sws but are slightly more on the scream-y side of things I suppose. I haven't found a song of theirs that I don't love so far- but my favourites have to be Bulletproof Love and King for a Day. King for a Day is quite heavy if you don't like these kind of things but it's now one of my FAVOURITE SONGS OF ALL TIME EVER. Honestly, please check them out they are super amazing awesomeness. 

Whoops that was a bit long...

Favourite youtuber:

Patty Walters. Hands down. I found his channel early on this month and have now watched pretty much all of his covers, they're that perfect. I found his via some other youtubers I watch, watched his cover of This is Gospel and basically decided that he was going to be one of my favourite youtubers. I don't even like people who cover songs that much because normally they're not that good and they have really bad taste in music but this guy does the songs justice. His cover of Bite my Tongue by ymas is his best so watch that and I'm pretty sure you will subscribe after listening to the first 10 seconds.  

Favourite beauty product:

This month I bought Bobbi Brown's foundation stick. I'd heard such good things about it, including from my mum that I HAD to try it out. Even though I know nothing about make up and barely wear any. It's actually amazing! The coverage is thick enough to work but not horribly cakey. As it's a stick foundation it had the potential to dry out my skin but it doesn't at all! I can't say too much on this I'm afraid since I'm not a beauty blogger and am therefore clueless. I would just say: Highly recommend! 

 So that's all for today I guess, I hope you like this kind of post- please comment your opinions!!! I've just set up a blog instagram that I hope you'll like- it's kind of themed but I don't think it will be very strictly. Just pastel-y. If you want to follow me it's Flo_Jo52, same as my twitter. 

Love you,
Flo Jo xx

P.S sorry for the rubbish image placement in this post. The theme I use messes up the centering a bit... >^-.-^<