Friday, 29 November 2013

The playlist tag!!!

Hello again,
yes I've procrastinated blogging yet again (I may or may not be doing this just to avoid history homework but shh) however, I do have what I think is a pretty good thing to make up for it. I'M GOING TO try TO START A TAG! Yeah!

I don't think that this has been done before, and I thought it was an interesting idea so here you go…

There aren't really many music-related tags in the blogging world- I don't know about any except from the actual 'music tag'. I think this is because normally there's not much room for creativity. The playlist tag solves this problem by being whatever you want it to be.

The idea is that anyone tagged has to come up with a playlist of 5-10 songs, it can be themed, it could just be songs you like. Then, you illustrate the playlist- by that I mean you write out the song and artist name any way/ in any media you want to, then you decorate around it!

If you don't understand, just take a look at what I've done below:

As you can see you really don't have to stick to one genre of music / one theme. It's completely up to you! I chose to do mine using my bamboo pen and touch graphics tablet and sketchbook express *because I'm too poor for the full version*. But this could work really nicely in any media- here are some ideas-

  • acrylic paints
  • comic type thingy
  • a picture (lay out some objects or leaves in the shape of letters) 
  • watercolors
  • pencil sketch
  • stickers and washi tape (like a type of collage)
  • an actual collage
and anything else you can think of, the more creative the better. Of course you could also do yours on a graphics tablet (and you'll probably do a much better job than me, still haven't quite got the hang of it!).

Um, yes thats pretty much it- I don't want this tag to have too many rules, I just think it'll be interesting to see different blogger's interpretations.

So- to start this off I tag the following people:

and anybody else who wants to do this! I'm really exited to see what people do. If you do this tag, please link me to it in the comments because I want to see your awesome artwork.

That's it basically, I really hope somebody does this otherwise it'll be pretty embarrassing. 

Finally: I made a tumblr recently which is kind of stupid and messy but I'd love a follow (I seriously have like 10 followers, wow popular -_-) and that's 

Flo Jo xx


  1. New blog post! The playlist tag- please link any responses in the comments x