Wednesday, 5 February 2014

"I don't shave for Sherlock Holmes"... or Nash Grier

Hello again!

~I feel like I should put a rant alert here but please read, it is necessary~

So, if you have been on the internet these past couple of months you will have noticed a lot of drama surrounding the American teenager, famous for his vines (short, six second looping videos uploaded to the social network 'Vine'). Basically- the sense of humour on Vine is well known for being the typical "teenaged white boy" kind, aka unless you don't fit this stereotype in your videos, the rest of the internet, other than your fangirls, will hate you.

Nash Grier discovered this when he recently uploaded a video titled: 'What guys look for in girls' onto YouTube due to the amount of hate he (rightly) got it was eventually deleted on Christmas eve, though it has been re-uploaded by other people *see here*. A basic outline of this video is: "Be yourself! But play video games (as long as your not better than me because wow I'm a boy)! Go for a natural look! But also shave! Don't dye your hair! But we prefer brunettes!" So essentially, lots of double standards being set upon the boy's impressionable audience, largely made of young girls.

As much as I want to say it's not a problem because they're not dumb and everyone can see he's being ridiculous, the fact of the matter is people are still defending him- a lot of the time with arguments along the line of 'he's better looking that you so...' Which, as silly as they are, proves that as long as you fit this "crush-material" stereotype you can get away with anything (see: Justin Bieber). These boy(s, Nash did the video with his friends) are/ were in a very powerful position where they can push their beliefs onto people who will worship every word that they say. The fact that they have this and then choose to preach that you must fit into a certain mould for boys to be attracted to you is ridiculous.

People have argued that it's 'just their opinions' or that 'they're young and don't understand their actions'. Just don't. It's not that they're stating their personal opinions- it's the fact they're speaking on behalf of the male population, who, in honesty, probably aren't as picky and bigoted as them.

Since I'm not literate enough to make this point myself I'm going to refer you to the above comment made by Hank Green who basically summarises what I'm trying to say. Even if you may mean to make a video addressing your own personal opinions, if you put it out to a group of young girls, hanging onto your every word, what do you really expect?

Plus, this isn't a one-off occurrence. Every so often an article pops up on the internet called '10 TRENDS THAT MEN HATE!' or something along those lines, that women are expected to care about- they don't. To be honest, I doubt many men do either. Just uGH.

I feel like I should apologise for this post being a rant, but I'm not sorry. Please open your eyes to how misogynistic people can get away with being and still have people defending them.

And yeah let's attempt to lighten my fed-up mood with a song of the post!

Anyway, thanks for reading and generally being great human beings
Flo Jo x