Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Cake pops

 First of all, before I begin this post, I want to say a massive thank you to all of you for giving me 10,000 page views. That is completely insane- like, that seems quite a large number for me, and I'm really happy.


So, recently, my mum bought a cake pop maker. Which is just as great as it sounds. Considering, when we've tried to make cake pops in the past, they failed massively and just turned into a squidgy mess- this is easily one of the best things ever. Essentially, all you do is make a normal cake mix and pour it into the machine, leave it for a couple of seconds... then VOILA! Cakes in cute 'lil circles, ready to be decorated with icing and sprinkles and marshmallows and wow!

As you can tell, it's all very exiting... Anyway, I thought I would share some pictures of what we (my friend Flora- yes another one- and I) made:

*wow Flora you actually took photos, gold star for you*

Using this method cake pops are very easy to make, and are absolutely delicious- the only real downside is that it's likely that you'll end up eating about ten which probably isn't all to healthy. But OH WELL.

I know this post is kind of frivolous compared to the last, but lets face it- sometimes you just need pretty  pictures of food. I know I do. Soon I hope to get back to the more regular posting pattern I had roughly a year ago, but school, though I am trying to figure out some sort of balance.

And finally, as always- the song of the post:
The Brobecks! Basically, as you probably know I have a slight obsession with panic! at the disco, but for some reason I only recently got around to looking at their current bassist- Dallon Weeke's-  previous band, and yeah here they are. I'm slightly in love with all of their songs, and ahh yes I love music, music is great.

C'ya, thanks for putting up with me
Flo x


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