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Makeup looks || Inspired by Monster High*


~Before I begin this post I want to point out that I am in no way whatsoever good at makeup, so maybe take this post as more of a 'guideline' than an actual tutorial on how to do your makeup. If you want to apply makeup well, don't do it like me! (and have a look around on Youtube)~

Today I'm going to show you some cool makeup looks inspired by the new Monster High movie: Frights, Camera, Action (which is now available on DVD- you can order it from amazon here)! Hopefully you can try to recreate some of these looks at home, they're very simple and I use extremely cheap makeup- it doesn't even need to be a specific brand- find anything you can from magazines, steal from your mum's room (please don't), use pound shop stuff. Honestly, anything.

So, first of all: here's the makeup I use throughout these looks (kind of sorted into categories for each of the monsters, but I mixed it up a bit.

from left corner, clockwise: makeup palette (general), Lagoona's makeup, Draculaura's makeup, Ellisabat's makeup, and general base makeup.

Lagoona Blue
*click here to view her on the monster high website*
I'm going to admit to being slightly in love with this monster- having still not grown out of my 'I wanna be a mermaid' phase, which I entered at the age of six. With the makeup I had I couldn't quite capture the brightness (especially on some of the eye makeup) of her look, but I hope you get the idea.
yes, I just have a dried starfish randomly in my room (??)

For this look- first of all, (this applies to all the tutorials) you want to get a fully even covering. This may mean that you need to use more "base" makeup than you usually would, also if you feel like it- filling in your eyebrows might be a good idea. Especially if you're blonde and they're non existent as mine are, though as a general rule DON'T OVERDO IT. Nothing is worse than unnaturally painted on eyebrows (unless you're an expert and know what you're doing, unlike me).

Next, you essentially paint on eyeshadow colours in stripes. You want to start with the palest colour, in this case a coral-y pink, then a bright orange, and finally a darker purple. If you can, try to flick the purple out at the corner, by angling your eyeshadow brush.

For the eyeliner, I just used a cheap £1 Primark pencil... This may seem like a really weird trick but the only difference between quality and cheaper eyeliner pencils is that the cheap ones tend to be harder, therefore more uncomfortable to use. But you can easily fix this problem by breathing on the tip for 20 seconds (ish) and it's now soft and perfect! Trust me on this. I simply drew a line across the top lid and the outer edge of my lower waterline.

Then use any mascara you want to.

Finally I used a lipstick crayon to fully fill in my lips, then used a brown eyeliner to draw on some of Lagoona's distinctive freckles (this is totally optional but I've always wanted freckles anyway, and I thought it looked adorable).

*click here to view her on the monster high website*
This is quite a heavy look, that I don't think suits me all that much- but if you can carry it off good for you friend!

That last one... so totes 3mo

If you're not a vampire princess purple lipstick is quite a task to carry of without looking like you've walked out of a 2005 music video, but it's an interesting look. And I think it looks quite like Elissabat...

First of all I put a white coat of eyeshadow, all the way up to my eyebrow, and a thin layer under my eye. Next I used a dark purple to draw a thin line across my upper lid, I also bought it around the corners of my eye.

Next I used an eyeliner pen to draw across my lid and add big flicks at the sides (the bigger the better, just make sure that it's even). I also went across the bottom a little bit and drew on two eyelashes in the lower corner (think '60s).

Finally I added the darkest lipstick I could find (apart from black, because, please never do that), which was a deep purple colour, which I mixed with a little red.


Okay guys, I hope that you found this useful!

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Thank you, as always, for reading
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