Sunday, 20 April 2014

Southwold & walks

Hey again lovelies,

During the time I've been away, I was having a wonderful holiday in Southwold with my mum, brother, sister; aunt and cousin. It was all amazing and it's a very beautiful place but I'm glad to be home now.

Since I don't think a full description of the holiday will be particularly interesting to you guys, I shall
summarise it for you instead- using this poorly edited, though thoroughly entertaining collage:

in the corner you can see [left to right] my cousin- Katy, myself, and my sister- Mabel all looking smokin'

All in all, it was amazing, and yeah you guys should visit there at some point, if you can. Also-- if you do go there you HAVE to visit the 'under the pier show' which is located on the pier and is full of one of a kind "slot machines" (?) and is hillarious. You can find their website here.

Other than that I haven't done all too much. Earlier today I went for a walk (well actually I had to get home somehow, but I seem like a better person if I imply I did it volentarily). I decided to try to appreciate where I live a little more; you know- if you live in an area for a long time you get so used to it you don't notice things about what's around you anymore. So I decided to try and do the whole 'be a tourist in your own town' thing that numerous lifestyle magazines etc. have been praising (? I guess). In a marginally less bad collage- here is the result:


Sometimes I forget about how stunning that part of the walk is, and from these photos it looks pretty impressive. So I think that that experiment was successful. Of course- as much as I trust you guys- I don't want to tell you where I live, but these photos were taken were taken between the Eastleigh and Winchester section of the river Itchen. The walks along the Itchen are all pretty impressive, and the water is beautiful- you can even swim in some sections- which is heavenly in the summer.

And there's the song of the post ^^. JJAMZ are so under appreciated and we need to change that.

See ya,
Flo x


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