Sunday, 8 June 2014

Purchases of late...

Hello again-
Old habits die hard it seems, with my posting schedule. One day, one day I will succeed and be a proper, almost proffessional blogger that appears to have their life together- but today is evidently not that day.

Today I thought that I'd share with you some of my most recent buys, and say a little bit about each. I guess that I don't actually buy all that much, but recently I've picked up some really adorable little things, that I think you guys might like.

Previous to buying these, I had seen some other bloggers making outfit posts, and otherwise obsessing over 'jelly shoes'. I thought they looked cute, but generally not for me (also, they seem somewhat reminiscent of crocs?). However, after spotting a pair in Office, and seeing them 'in the flesh' I have completely changed my mind. They're so darn cute! Also, right now my fashion (and general girl) crush is cutiepiemarzia; I've been really inspired by her cute style and these shoes are the most understated way of achieving that. Wow okay, I just wrote as if I knew anything about fashion.

I ordered this jumper around 5 months ago, and thankfully it finally arrived at the beginning of March. Basically, ordering from the USA is stressful and customs are mean yada yada. I don't really have much to say on this- it's super comfortable and really cute. Sadly it's currently out of stock but it comes from this adorable online company.

Recently I went to a car boot sale with my mum, and as she was dragging me around the plant section, I was was commenting on how much I wanted a cactus, and how they were probably the only plants I will manage to keep alive. And- low and behold- guess what the next stall we came across was selling? So I managed to pick up these little plants for just a couple of pounds... Naming your cacti is definitely the thing to do- meet Ryan and Sharpay. That sounds really dumb oKAy but I have my reasons. 

Now, I am really not a makeup person. I'm not just saying that to avoid sounding vapid and shallow, believe me, because previous things mentioned on this blog will have already lead you to that impression, and it's too late now to avoid it. What I really meant by that I that I know literally nothing about makeup, and if something makes my face look marginally more human, I'll take it. What I meant by that is that any recommendations I give on makeup probably aren't the best. Anyhow- I bought all these products in town pretty cheaply, and cannot express how perfect the hairspray is.


Again, I'd like to apoligise for how long this post took to get up, but, y'know Netflix exists and stuff. Besides that, I finally got a proper bed yesterday so plan on sleeping excessively.

As I said to my father- I'm an angsty teen, I'm allowed to have my pop punk phase, and listen to music about getting out of this town and pizza. Which is precisely what this song is, but is so so so good.

See you soon, dorks,

Flo x