Wednesday, 30 July 2014

August playlist

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A relaxed mix for the summer where, instead of going out with friends, you are lying on your bed being an unproductive lump. Ft. twenty one pilots and Charli XCX. Enjoy.
Flo x

Saturday, 19 July 2014

room tour for stalkers

My chalk board drawing rotates every couple of months; feat. dumb hipster flower crown that I felt the need to spend £5 on at a festival.

Assorted rubbish which I've stuck to my walls.

From left-to-right: stickers because I am an actual 7 year old, chalks and other boring things, crayon stylus which is useless but brillaint, swaggy rubbers, and blank CDs to make mixes on because I like to pretend I'm in the 80s- shut up.

Folders, which were bought in a lame attempt to organize myself

Raichu stands guard over my stationary (I have had actual fights with my siblings about who gets this little fella).

Comfy bed where I spend approx. 90% of my time.

Fun fact: that poster says "very good" in Swedish which is kind of obvious and irrelevant until you realise I spend 3 years wondering instead of just looking it up on google translate.

Finally: this is how my mini garden has been getting along, surprisingly I haven't managed to kill any innocent plants yet! I'm sure it's all simply a matter of time, but please be proud of me for now.

Sorry for the wait
Flo xx