Monday, 1 September 2014

blogging is not my life

Warning: large chunk of possibly nonsense text ahead

Whilst I'm sure that the title of this post won't come as a shock to any of you, blogging is a world away from other careers and I'd only consider myself a "blogger" after a student, daughter, sister, etc. I still felt the need to address this in a post. I know that for the majority of teenage bloggers- including myself- it's just a hobby on the side, no matter how close it may be to our hearts. Yet, sometime I forget this. It's come to the point where I'm often totally idolizing other bloggers my age and ignoring the fact that they're able to do whatever it is they're doing while maintaining good grades, a good relationship with their family, and (possibly) leaving their house and talking face-to-face with actual real life human beings. I don't feel like I'm currently living up to those standards- and the main difference is my ability (I refer to it as that instead of a hinderence) to massively procrastinate anything I want to get done. You would not believe the number of half-written blog posts in my drafts that have been discarded after my getting distracted by something else that requires less effort. I'll take this moment to nod towards youtube, buzzfeed, and twitter. At first this was kind of a joke that I feel added to my personality as a blogger- in the end I'd much rather be a real girl putting out slower, irregular blog posts than a computer constantly spewing out unoriginal updates. But I feel as if their must be a healthy medium between the two. The former model of blogging, which I've been operating on, had been okay. But recently I've been feeling consumed by guilt and the constant nagging that all my friends who started blogging around the same time as me are making progress where as I'm not traveling anywhere. I wouldn't go as far to say that this nagging feeling is there 24/7, but it's often enough to make me lose motivation- which is totally counter-intuitive. I'm tired of watching my friends (however happy I am for them) achieving and I completely lagging behind. Something needed to change. I honestly considered deleting this blog (which I'm very glad I didn't do on the spur of the moment, as I did with my tumblr. So many memories would be lost) but in the end, no matter how difficult it can be sometimes I really, really love blogging. I feel like I'd be missing something without this outlet. My cheesiness of the subject may sound totally ridiculous, which it may be, but to me this blog is honestly so important. Despite not being the most popular, and not having the most readers, what I do have is so important to me and I don't think I could ever give all of that up, even if it was for the best. The blog is staying. So something else needed to give, I need/ed to change something I was doing. Though I am by no means someone who enjoys schedules, perhaps that's what would be beneficial for the time being. I need something to follow, that isn't too strict- still leaving space for originality and spur of the moment posts (such as this one)- but that allows me to feel as if I am achieving something. I want to change things up, but still remain as being Pretty Little Things, or Flo Jo, or even Flora. So here's the new plan, the end result of all the word vomit:

week 1: recipes - of all kinds, and hopefully largely vegan (expect lots of cake, avocado and peanut butter, because that's the majority of my diet).
week 2: fashion - I haven't yet decided exactly how to do this, but I'm hoping for something more original than your average OOTD.
week 3: reviews - these already play a large part in my blog so you should already know roughly what to expect (music, films, and books primarily).
week 4: current events - I've yet to think of a more interesting, attention grabbing title for this segment, but I'm aiming more "rookie" than daily mail (you feel?).
week 5: photography - similar to my room tour post, a photoset of some pictures around a common theme with some witty (?) commentary from me.
week 6: tutorial - possibly a blogging advice series, to begin with. Maybe even some DIY eventually, who knows?
week 7: guest post - hopefully, I'm working on it. If you'd be at all interested drop me an email at prettylittlethingstodo[at]gmail[dot]com.
week 8: links - a general round-up of all the glorious things I've found browsing the internet that month (tumblrs to gain inspiration, amazing people etc.)

Hopefully, this will be beneficial to you as readers also, because it should mean you're able to rely on a more regular posting schedule, as well as a happier, more balanced and all-around human Flora. Thanks for reading this far, and sticking with me.

Flo x


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