Saturday, 29 November 2014

DIY: Blogging tips #1 * Organisation *

Whilst it is debatable if I, myself, am the best source for organisation and consistence when it comes to blogging (well anything, really). However- I like to think that this is more down to my personality, which doesn't exactly 'gel' with schedules, than a lack of knowledge on the topic.
Also I hope that when this is compiled this can be as much a useful reference point for myself as it is for other bloggers/ aspirating bloggers.

Now the thing about schedules, is that they can actually be rather versitile. Okay, I completely understand why that may sound counter-intuitive but types of schedule massively vary. The trick is to figure out which model works for you, e.g at the moment I am trailing a week-by-week schedule with basic outlines for the topic of each post. Yes- it's currently not 100% successful but the point of this kind of thing is to challenge yourself. Keep working at a plan and eventually it will all slip into place. Maybe what works for you is a weekly rota with your other weekly commitments scheduled in so that you can clearly advocate time for blogging/ taking pictures for posts etcetera.

Now realise this may sound like an odd thing to bring up at this point and what I'm definitely not saying here is that fashion bloggers should only write whilst dressed in designer labels, food bloggers should only write whilst wearing aprons and so on... My point is that you need to find the balance of comfort/ productivity which works for you when writing. Of course this extends beyond clothes but they are a pretty good place to start. Let me tell you now- unless you are some sort of God/ess you will not write your best posts whilst wearing a cat onesie and slippers, I know- I'm sorry, life is hard. On the other hand, when your dolled up your first instinct will be constantly adjusting your outfit/ hair/ makeup and generally flapping about. I don't know about you, perhaps you're some kind of superhuman who can thrive at both ends of the spectrum but I have found that what works for me is some kind of middle ground, largely consisting of leggings (which, for the record, in my humble opinion, totally constitute trousers), vest tops, and massive baggy jumpers (s/o to charity shops that sell XXL size jumpers which I can practically drown in, they are the comfiest thing in existence). 

Food/ drink:
Once again, not the immediate thought when you hear "blogging organisation" but for someone like myself who is hungry 99.9% of the time constant trips to the kitchen for cups of tea and vegan snack bars are very distracting. They massively cut into the amount of time actually spent writing, and, let's face it: are completely unnecessary. So: how do you deal with this? Easy- be prepared. Okay, maybe don't enter your blogging den with a 6 pack of Oreos and a litre of coke. But taking a small healthy snack, and a cup of tea/ coffee/ big bottle of water (gotta stay hydrated yo) can't hurt- you'll stay satisfied and vaguely healthy.

I hope that this post has been helpful to you, and ideally i can start taking my own advice from this point onwards. i have lot more ideas for this kind of series so please leave me a comment if you enjoyed his!

Finally- song of the post today is yellow flicker beat (Kanye west rework) by Lorde. I'm going to see mokinjay this evening and am super exited plus Kanye west and Lorde are pretty high up on my list of celebrities I adore.

Have a beautiful week,
Flo x


  1. Oh my the best thing ever for organisation is LISTS! they are literally my life! haha,
    I like your blog by the way...especially those cooking moving photo things, that is like really cleaver!
    Soph x