Friday, 7 November 2014

Halloween 2014

I am a terrible "blogger". Why do you trust me?
Hopefully our blogger/ reader relationship isn't completely soiled and you'll still put up up with me. Unfortunately the DIY that I had planned for the post had an expiration date of a couple of days before halloween, and due to half term general business and socialising (!) I was unable to finish.

I would really like DIY posts to be a part of my blog so I have decided to just push it back by a week or so, hopefully by then I should have something in store.

Today I just felt like a bit of experimenting based off of the many "day in the life of" videos I watch on youtube. Obviously my life isn't quite as exiting/ glam as theirs- but, I mean, this was halloween. Which cannot possibly be boring.

When I woke up, even before I got into my costume, I knew I needed to be at least a lil spooky for today. Hence, the spider tights (which I am totally not planning on wearing the rest of the year- what?!)

Then I got to work on roasting some veggies for a delicious pumpkin and sweet potato soup- this was an all day task. Recipe at bottom of post. 

Afterwards I looked through an adorable old book we have, which contains recipes, traditions, and songs for all events year round. It's a little dated, which makes it better to be honest. 

Then we got dragged out of the house to go for a walk... (It was lovely)

Close up of the soup that looks a little unappealing but: TRUST ME ON THIS. IT IS SO SO GOOD and creamy.

Chilled in my room for a little bit, and was very cosy in a soft jumper whilst burning some candles and incense.

In the evening I went trick or treating with my friend Sally, I'm only 14- there is no way on earth I'm gonna stop yet. The plan was to be some kind of haunted doll, but I ended up being more Wednesday Addams-esque. I still haven't decided if the fact my halloween makeup is just a heavier version of my everyday makeup should be worrying. Also pictured are the spoils. ^^
NOTE:I'm really unsure about this post and have been stressing about how it will fit into my blog- so that's the cause of delay. Also, due to this, I'd be super grateful for any feedback. Thank you for bearing with me...


Recently I've been really into this kind of low-fi (?) sounding stuff because I am hipster trash. But, genuinely it's pretty great.

Much love,
Flo x  


  1. cool post! I really like your spider stockings!

  2. aha, thank you! pound shop's finest x