Wednesday, 15 July 2015

a sense of self

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NOTE: this is what happens when I start writing at 2am and keep goin and see where it takes me. Have fun translating this into a legible language of any kind.

I have an obsession with personality quizzes.

Somehow I feel that by finding out which 80s teen film I am will help me get closer to discovering my true self. Therefore things such as MBTI tests, and Jung's theory are a type of utopia for me- indulging my basic narcissism with an actual undertone of scientific proof? Well, personally there's no objections from me there. Once I start reading articles about my supposed personality type, I've largely entered a labyrinth from which there is no escaping for the foreseeable future, seriously: last year I spent a solid four months hooked on the personality cafe forums. In a way there is something therapeutic about feeling part of a group with your less-desirable quirks. For the record I'm an INFJ (aka the 'special snowflake' one, because of course).

Then you have the recent renewal in interest with astrology- even if only in the ironic tumblr sense, where you can find which signs belong to the no sleep squad etc. Ok, guys, before you run away into the vortex of literally any other part of the internet, let me clarify. I do not give horoscopes any weight in the real world- I'm perfectly aware that they simply apply to the lowest common denominator, that are applicable to pretty much any individual. Honestly though, does that change the fact that it's awesome to hear vaguely relatable statements about yourself? For me it sure as hell doesn't. Perhaps I am as self-centred as I joke I am, yet that in itself is quite a basic human emotion. 


Flo xo


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