Sunday, 16 August 2015

summer favourites

Do not be fooled by the title- I am by no means planning a series (this is more down to superstition than anything else, has any scheduled posting structure worked well on this blog?). In this I want to have the opportunity to speak about things I like, and perhaps force them onto you, dear reader, so we can discuss them excessively. As there is nothing I adore more than over analyzing everything and talking about them excitedly. These aren't necessarily new 'things' to have come out, more things that I have recently discovered- or even rediscovered- and am currently very into.

Generally, I'm not much of a film person. Despite my ability to watch many 20 minute episodes back to back, sitting down and watching a film feels too much of a commitment. On one hand, it's too long, and the single main plot spans a whole two hours, whilst on the other, you don't have long enough to form the connections you make to characters from TV shows. However, there is one exception- children's films! If media is largely provided for escapism, things primarily targeted toward younger viewers is awesome. So- in all, yes- I shall be added onto the list raving about Inside Out. Obviously, I must admit it hardly eclipses Big Hero 6 in terms of my affection, but the latter is one of my favourite films in existence. Ever. Inside out has a central character who is likable (rejoice!) : despite not being alike, her motivations and feelings all seemed understandable, it was easy to empathise.

I'll give you the sun- hooo boy this book. To supply some context, I first heard about this book on tumblr; there was a quote credited to the book :
“I love you,” I say to him, only it comes out, “Hey.”
“So damn much,” he says back, only it comes out, “Dude.”
He still won’t meet my eyes.” 
This alone made me realise I needed to find this novel. If someone can write angst that well, it's guaranteed I'm going to love it. With the book itself- I don't want to go into too much detail, as it deserves a review of it's own at a later date. What I will say though, is I do not understand some people's problem with how 'purple' the writing style was. I drank it up. Honestly, this is the book I would want to write, though perhaps more about Noah. Jude herself was a interesting character, but her love interest was a checklist of bad boy tropes, which was out of place in a book about characters that felt so real.
Aside from that, I finally got around to reading some Stephen King, which I adored. Again, a writing style I wish I could emulate... Thinner was the book I started with, and it had me well and truly hooked. At some points, I was slightly concerned with the villainisation of gypsies, however by the conclusion a more grey morality had been formed, which felt more fair.

Anime hell!!!!!
My cousin has succeeded in dragging me down with her, and has gotten me hooked on a few series. Nothing more than Tokyo Ghoul (and :root A, which isn't to the same standard, but still made me sob so I'm not too mad) . As already stated in this post, there is nothing I love more than angst and tragedy happening to good people, and the aftermath it causes (in fiction of course...) Kaneki, whose presence in the fandom is basically followed with 'did nothing wrong' is one of those people. In an alternate universe- where humans are not just the hunters, but the hunted, by a stronger species known as ghouls who appear as human, but need to eat them to survive- Kaneki is a bookworm college student, who live vicariously through fictional universes. Through deeply unlucky circumstances he becomes part ghoul and gets dragged into their often violent world. (There is nothing I despise more than summarising stuff, so I apoligise if that was astoundingly awful and incoherent. Check Wikipedia or something). This series is rather intense. By that I mean, the highlight of the initial series was the final episode which basically consists of a torture scene where centipedes get put into ears. Not pleasant, but incredibly captivating and well done. There are many, many characters I have succeeded in getting overly attached to, primarily Juuzou, Shinohara, and (despite his limited screen time) Hide. Basically: horrible things happening to good people, and a lot of emotion and gore. :) I've also started the manga, which is visually incredible, and has subtly better characterisation. ((promo for my MyAnimeList, if you want to see what else I've been watching!)

I've known about The Front Bottoms for a good couple of years now, but have never listened to one of their albums back to back. I wish I had sooner. I'm a sucker for wonderful lyrics, and they supply generously. Musically, they're rather laid back, but with yearning, sometimes unhappy lyrics. More folky than what I usually go for, but it's pulled off so well it's no issue. It would be too easy to write them off as another generic pop punk band (which I find mind numbingly dull); that they are not. They have nailed a sound specific to them and it's addictive.
Today's song of the post is anything by them. I implore you to at least give them a try (my personal favourite is father).

Should be back sooner than usual...
Flo xo


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