Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Choosing to do this has been weighing on my mind a fair bit these past few months: my life has gotten so cluttered with other obligations that I feel any content recently uploaded to my blog is not at all what I wish it was. Currently I'm not certain I can be the blogger to suit Pretty Little Things; since starting it back in 2011 (which was a dark time for writing/ skill in general that we shall not speak of) I am very much changed as a person.
 That's not to say I'm abandoning this corner where I can spew my thoughts, and for some reason a few choose to listen. This blog is too important to me, and feels a vital component of who I am- I've put in so much work over the past few years, to take off would be a shame.

Instead, to counterbalance the guilt recently weighing on my conscious, about how I should be writing a post, I'm going to officially take a breather from blogging. I highly doubt it will last an insane amount of time, just however long it takes to churn a couple of other projects out and perhaps catch up to obligatory life. With my erratic schedule, it shall be hard to notice a difference, in all honesty. The last thing I want to do is have this become a chore. I adore writing, and the small community this has built for me means the world. Because of this, I would much rather have the time to show the content that's more genuine; more 'me'.

If you want to find me other places online during this interlude I will still be thoroughly working and ignoring my homework of various social media platforms:
(also here's my myanimelist for those interested. nerds.)
Other secret content can (probably) be unlocked by searching autolysissy on various platforms. Happy stalking I guess

Will certainly speak again in PLT_2.0
Flo xo


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