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~This was written in March 2014 and in a few months I will find it all super embarrassing but for now here is what I think it's necessary for you to know about me~

Flora | 14 | UK

face, um, yep
First off- you should probably know that my posting style is very erratic, and has, in the past, varied from twice a day to once in two months. As long as you can put up with that I'm certain that you'll have a wonderful time here. 

I spend most of my time browsing tumblr and listening to whiny pop-punk music. That's probably the best description of myself I can give. I own two cats and a big fluffy rabbit that are extremely important so I may sometimes talk about them a lot.

My posts range from lifestyle, to music, to (very occasionally) fashion. This is just my little corner of the web where I write about whatever crosses my mind that I feel is interesting enough to warrant writing about.


Some random things about myself:
  • I complain a lot, though occasionally I come out with legitimately good arguments
  • I am a vegetarian who used to be rather awful, but have now pulled myself together and am even transitioning to veganism
  • Brand New is my favourite band of all time, but if you ask me on other days it may vary
  • Every so often I go through a massive sims obsession and then don't touch the game for months
  • If I needed to I could probably survive off black coffee and peanut butter
  • I adore youtube, and at the moment my favourite youtubers are
                - Emma Blackery
                - Christian Novelli
                - Kickthepj
  • I draw quite a lot
  • I also paint quite a lot
  • Otters are my favourite animals
  • I've been blogging on here for about 3 years although some of my earlier posts are the worst things ever so let's forget they exist...


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